Friday, October 22, 2010

Poll Shows Hinchey Way Ahead!!!!!

Poll Shows Maurice Hinchey in Strong Shape

By CQ-Roll Call Staff October 22, 2010 6:17 PM Comments (0)
Democrats are circulating a new poll showing Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.) with a double-digit lead over his Republican opponent, George Phillips in upstate New York's 22nd congressional district.

Hinchey is ahead of Phillips by 51 to 34 percent, according to the survey by Abacus Associates for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The poll of 403 likely voters on Oct 20-21 found that Phillips' name recognition was only 39 percent. It also showed that of the undecided voters 28 percent were Republicans, 33 percent were Democrats, and 29 percent listed their party affiliation as blank.

"We are confident that most of these Democrats and some of the blanks will break for Congressman Hinchey," said the memo from David Scott of Abacus Associates. "In light of these results, while the congressman will see a decreased margin of victory compared with recent elections, he should still win comfortably."

In recent weeks Republicans have suggested that Hinchey may be vulnerable. The conservative group, American Crossroads, led by Karl Rove, has targeted Hinchey with over a quarter of a million dollars in television ads.
-- Bennett Roth


Anonymous said...

Fat chance, Mo is going down finally. Enough self serving, egotistical, angryman syndrome from Maurice Hinchey.

Anonymous said...

Now that Phillips has dug his heels in and parroted everything Paladino has been spewing, I'd say the electorate is more motivated in the 22nd than ever before.

Having embraced the talking points from the "dark side" you can expect even more Rove money to saturate the airwaves with "We Hate Hinchey" propaganda. God help us.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that with such a comfortable lead, the DCCC is spending so much money on radio ads. You would think that they would spend the money on someone else. Oh well, perhaps they are not telling the truth. We will all know on November 2nd.

Anonymous said...

How old is that photo!?!

Mo is looking a bit more frail, and disoriented than that lately!

Deficit? Who's deficit, mine... !!!

Anonymous said...

He has a hearing problem, how dare you make fun of someone with a disability. It does not disqualify you from office becasue you have difficulty hearing. The chief executive of New York state is blind.

Anonymous said...

KOOL AID again, JB,,,

The REAL Polls have it EVEN
@ 43% - 43% 14% undecided.

Hinchey's Liberal Jewish base has deserted him because Ol' Mo is wrong on Israel, wrong on National Security, in bed with Castro,wrong on State Supported Terrorism, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

He assaulted a member of the Press & NO MATTER what he was asking, as an elected official, you MUST be considerate & respectful to the working press.

NEVER GRAB one by the neck & jab them with your finger, Congressman!

Bye-Bye Maurice,

DING DONG the WIcked Commie is almost GONE !!!

Anonymous said...

Phillip's is joined to that idiot Paladino at the hip. It's a gift that keeps on giving. The Democrats have been energized by this threat from the radical right and the disgusting use of outside money from anonymous donors. We're hitting the streets and the phones. Mo will win easily.

Anonymous said...

@JB - It's a push poll designed to make people believe the lie that this dunce is still relevant.

@505 - He didn't answer the way he did because he can't hear. He answered that way because his mind is no longer able to process information correctly. He doesn't belong in Congress because he can't do the job.

Anonymous said...

The poll was indeed a push poll. It is not accurate. If it were, Hinchey's people would not be pulling their hair out in utter panic.

To the poster who says Hinchey is disabled, you are right, but it is not because of hearing. He is mentally disabled. He clearly has some kind of early onset dementia.

I hav heard Hinchey debate many times over the years. The guy in Saugerties looked like Hinchey, but it clearly was not him. The real Hinchey is gone. It's sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Check out:

ttp:// out

Nate Silver is extremely accurate in predicting results. Under the House races he handicaps the possibility of a house seat being lost by the incumbent. Maurice's house seat is not endangered. The Republican/Teabaggers are "all hat, no cattle".

Anonymous said...

As a VERY Liberal Jew, I will be voting for Phillips exactly because Mr. Hinchey has shown a poor record of support for Isreal. Ed Koch apparently felt strong enough about this to endorse Phillips, and his endorsement mirrors the way I feel about the situation. I'd rather vote Democratic, and probabally will with a new candidate in 2012, like Mike Hein.

Shalom!! Toit!!!

Morris Postenstein

Anonymous said...

Mr. Postenstein, as a very liberal Jew, it is unbelievable that you'd vote for Phillips, who's conservative on every other issue, based on your Zionism. People like you are what's wrong with this country - you're a one-issue only voter. You can't be that liberal; otherwise, you'd look at the entire person and his/her record and stances on many issues.

Anonymous said...

Do not confuse your faith with the unquestioning support of the Israeli government.

If your U.S. govt. behaved that way at home you would be horrified, justifiably.

The "prophetic passion for truth and justice" are the cornerstone of Judaism. Not support for Israel. --Henry Siegman

Maurice's sense of justice has never wavered.

Anonymous said...

That is an old picture. The reason I am deducing is that there is a sparkle in the eyes and a smile. Get a recent picture of Mo and the eyes are dull or wild like
and not even an attempt of a smile. That image conjurs up some form of mental disability. Hearing loss does not always portray that image of a dull look. So to blame Hinchey's recent blunders on a form of deafness would be incorrect. He is not grasping questions and lacks the answers. That is a brain issue. I am not one to bash a person with mental issues but if that individual is not of sound mind and continues to ignore his shortcomings I do not want that person to be making decisions about my life and how government should be running. In the past I voted for Hinchey many times but now I have a real problem in doing so again.He needs to know when to pack it up. Sometimes individuals need to listen to the voice of reason.If his campaign staff cannot realize that, then they don't really care about Hinchey. He is being used for their purposes.
This might be a reason that some longtine staff left the Hinchey fold awhile ago. Saw the handwriting on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when an independent poll comes out and one party doesn't like the results, it is called a push poll without any evidence whatsoever. The company that did the poll does not do push polls. They make their money on polling. The minute they lose credibility by publishing a push poll, they are out of business. Time will tell if the poll is accurate or not, but I gurantee you it is not a push poll. BTW Hinchey was out of it in Saugerties, that was plane to see. He seems out of it a lot in the last year or so.

Anonymous said...

Hinchey had a press conference in Kingston on Social Security. He clobbered Phillips and was the same old feisty, well-informed Hinchey I've alway known. Nate Silver on the blog 538 has him at 88& chance of holding his seat. It's over for Phillips. The teabaggers peaked... a little too soon.

Rocco said...

Maurice ain't goin' down. No how, no way. Even if all 14 of you teabaggers come out from your drug-induced delusion, the District is just gonna say Phuck Phillips!

Rocco said...

Isn't it strange how all the teabaggers go around here as "Anonymous." I wonder why they have to hide their identity? What do they have to hide, and why do they hate America?

Greg Draiss said...

I have interviwed Maurice Hinchey twice and found him arrogant and full of the usual political drivel. Besides the fact he has been in office far too long

Anonymous said...

In Maurice we find a prime example of the need for term limits. Here is a man who has become rich off the backs of taxpayers and behind closed door deals. A man who has helped dell this country down the drain as the land of taxes. Noe his mind is becoming feeble where he can no longer verbally banter and has to result to physical violence. And he has no respect for the law or criminal justice system. Where in Rosendale he struck a vendor and had a friendly judge cover it up and most recently attacks a reporter because he is asked questions that he really didn't want to answer. And attempted to carry a loaded handgun on an airplane because he forgot he had it with him. If you or I committed any of these acts demonstrating any such acts of instability or irresponsibility we would have had our pistol permit revolked. But once again friendly jusges turn their heads the other way. Pretty scary.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Hinchey has been in office way to long and it's time to say goodbye. No offense, but I agree that he may have some onset of dementia otherwise, how would you explain the violent outbreaks. If the dementia does not exist, then there is no excuse for his behavior and again, time to leave.

Anonymous said...

Mo has always been a feisty streetfighter. He got a gun permit after busting up a mob trash cartel. All of a sudden we have a bunch of pseudo-psychologists analyzing his actions. He'll win easily and continue his good work for the Hudson Valley.

Anonymous said...

That poll is so bogus it is a joke.
1. Partition St scandal
2. Reserve base scandal
3. wont support 9-11 victims
4. sides with Hamas over Israel
5. Choked Freeman reporter
6. Tax raiser and money waster
7. did not support sanctions against IRAN 5 times
8. he is losing it
9. why pay him 175,000 plus to have his aids make all decisions?
10. its just time to go, we all had enough.

Anonymous said...

he always had bad hearing. He was always able to talk and debate pretty good. He could not figure out what to say at the debates. He was in lala land and needed to land before answering the questions. Now his handlers have him reading, leave nothing to chance. He had many good years and did some good stuff. When it was time for Bob Dole or those old red necks Strom Thurmond and the other guy, they should have gone too. Just retire and save us all a lot of grief.