Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watchdog Auerbach Looking Pretty Good!!!

I came up with a campaign slogan for County Executive Mike Hein in 2008, Hein Sight is 20/20, Mike's budgets as administrator and his ideas for a better Ulster County have consistently come to fruition and it's a catchy slogan. Actually, I'm only 80% sure I came up with it but if someone else did, I certainly coined it and went with it here on this blog. With that being said Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach seems to have a little "Hein Sight" of his own and the legislature and Fawn Tantillo seem to have a little egg on their face.

I'm sure you have all looked at the stories in the Daily Disappointment over the last couple weeks regarding the firing of the RRA Executive Director for alleged sexual harassment, and the over scrutiny over the complete mismanagement of the department. Lets face it the RRA is a HOT MESS right now!

Well a month before all this went down, it was Comptroller Elliott Auerbach that shined the light on the RRA and he was criticized pretty heavy for it. Now the legislature is changing their tune.

Lets reminisce and see what legislative leaders and Auerbach's GOP opponent had to say when Watchdog Auerbach warned us that the RRA might need to be looked at:

The following is a great post written by UlsterObserver, a new local blog:

08/31/2010-KINGSTON – The Ulster County Legislature is supposed to closely monitor the spending and operations of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, but it hasn’t, costing county taxpayers almost $32 million over the last decade, County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach said Monday.

(THIS IS IN AUGUST!) Fast forward to October

10/14/2010-KINGSTON – The board of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency has fired director Michael Bemis amid allegations of sexual harassment and falsifying business records.Bemis’ termination comes weeks after County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach’s report that said the county legislature had not provided sufficient oversight over the agency.

What does Chairman Wadnola , Legislator Roberts and Fawn Tantillo have to say now?

Here is what they said when the report was first issued:

OUR ASTUTE LEGISLATIVE CHAIRMAN: In response to the Comptroller, I believe the Legislature has exercised oversight of the RRA This superficial piece of election year drivel offers no solution at all.

HERE YOU GO KEVIN:Legislator Kevin Roberts, R-Wallkill, who is chairman of the county Government Operations and Efficiency Committee, called the report election year “posturing” and a waste of Auerbach’s annual salary.Roberts described the Resource Recovery Agency as one of the “best-run departments in the county” and disputed contentions that it is supposed to be self-sufficient.

AND NOW YOU FAWN (You did chair the Jail Oversight Committee):Tantillo, a former member of the Legislature, said the report “could have been useful, but not when you hit the legislators over the head with it.” “I probably would have taken it to the Oversight Committee and presented it there, but you don’t get headlines if you do that,” she said.
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Amazing, stuff! Let me remind you of another great phrase that I can't take credit for and is way better than Hein sight is 20/20, a phrase I hope we all remember before we pull that lever on November 2nd: It's not my back, it's not your back, IT'S AUERBACH


Anonymous said...

Barring the release of any October surprises pertaining to the details of past shady real estate dealings in Wawarsing say.. 10 years ago... Auerbach should win easily. And Fawn Tantillo is a true douchebag, so it shouldn't matter anyway.

Anonymous said...

Tantillo would tell an IRS auditor that it was unfair that they didn't tell her they were looking at her income tax.

Auerbach's intial investigation of the RRA was long overdue. The legislature simply pays the million plus a year with no oversight. Auerbach has done a terrific job.

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for her to have a jail committee meeting

Anonymous said...

Hein Sight is 20/20 huh? beats the "Mighty Heiny", gotta give ya that...but is it all THAT "clever and catchy?"
Please just let's quote the right poll once you put it out there to get feedback, Blaber....pffffff.
Here's mine: "Hein Sight was with fogged glasses and glasses raised to the high-priced attorneys, but my sight is much better!!" Coming in '11!!
I think your slogan was formed with Hein'd legs, tell you the truth...