Monday, October 25, 2010

Give Matt Damon His 40TH Birthday Wish Vote Working Families!!

Please join me in granting Matt Damon's birthday wish by voting on the Working Families Party line next Tuesday. WFP is located on Row E on the ballot. I encourage Democrats and Republicans to vote your values and make your vote count. It's especially important to vote Row E in the race for Governor.


Me Again ! said...

Matt Damon is a Boston Red Sox fanatic & has no street cred in NY !!!!

VOTE for GEORGE PHILLIPS & send Hinchey to the Home for Alzheimer's sufferers.
He is out of touch & not able to do the job any more.

Hinchey is wrong on State Supported Terrorism, wrong on Castro, Wrong on Iran, Wrong on Israel, Wrong on HealthCare
Wrong on JOBS,

Phillips for Congress 2010 !!!

Vote like America's Security depends on it - IT DOES !!

Mike Madsen said...

Jeremy, when you paste a video to your post, switch to "edit HTML" mode and change the last 680 width setting to 480. Your video will center and shrink to the Blog specs and look better when you publish.

Anonymous said...

I like the "Rent Is Too Damn High" Party. I think that is better actual values than the "Stupidity Is Too Damn High Working Screwing Jerking Families of Anal Crapola Party", but then again, this is only my opinion, and even though Woody Allen might agree, I think his work ethic might need honing.