Monday, October 25, 2010

Auerbach Recieves Strong Support From Labor

The Auerbach for Comptroller campaign today announced endorsements from the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO; the CSEA Regional Political Action Committee, and the Kingston Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 461.

“We welcome these endorsements as recognition for our focus on working men and women throughout Ulster County as we strive to safeguard their tax dollars from waste and inefficiency,” the Comptroller said.

Paul Ellis-Graham, President of the Labor Federation, thanked Auerbach for his “participation in (their) endorsement process,” and noted that the endorsement resulted from “careful consideration of (his) position on key labor issues that affect working families.”

The CSEA endorsement acknowledges Mr. Auerbach’s “interests in the issues affecting public workers and your commitment to addressing the needs of all hardworking men and women” throughout the County, according to Region President Billy Riccaldo.

The Fire Fighters Association resulted from Mr. Auerbach’s participation in a Candidate Night meeting and a vote from its members, according to Michael Schabot, Secretary, Local 461

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