Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mike Hein to business leaders: No Tax Increase!

Ulster County Executive Mike Hein said today that he will veto any budget that calls for a tax increase. Mike Hein made these comments at an Ulster County chamber of commerce breakfast this morning. Hein presented a budget early this month that called for no increase in county taxes, it is now before the county legislature.


Anonymous said...

Hein's budget increases taxes. He just put them off another year by using the reserve to make them disappear for this year. Taxpayers will pay for this and other year's spending increases soon. The reserve won't last for ever and we will soon pay for this.

Control spending, the rest just smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...


What flavor kool-aid is it again, Jermy?

Grape ? Looks like maybe Lime too, bro.

Anonymous said...

Since the County is projecting a sales tax revenue increase why didn't the City of Kingston?