Saturday, October 23, 2010

Comptroller Auerbach and Sheriff Van Blarcum Endorsed by Daily Freeman

Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum were both strongly endorsed by the Daily Freeman today.

Read the editorial here : Comptroller Auerbach Editorial


Anonymous said...

Of course the Dems got the endorsements. The Republican Party in Ulster County is not going anywhere. Their leadership has encouraged dissentment amomg rank and file. Example they allow MOJO to continue to blast Gerentine, Noonan,Roberts and others who at least worked for the party while Mojo took a check for 4 years and did NOTHING. You never hear about Aiello not showing for years(must be the water in Saugerties) These 3 very succesful business people are some of the victims of slander that helps the republicans defeat themselves. Mojo is suppose to be a Republican, town chair, party leader come on. The Republuican leadership needs to shut him down or toss him from his position. The Hatch Act would be the starting point since he is in violation. Republicans need to know this was the year to make hay and they missed it. Remember you hang together or you hang alone. I have no stake in the politics but I am a Republican waiting to see Ulster County have a Republican Party once again.

Anonymous said...

10:53...The Democrats are quite happy with the leadership you have here in Ulster County. Choosing Ms Yess as your chair and parading around New Paltz and Kingston with Paladino set anyone with Republican views, who happen to pay attention, back on their heels. Neither my Democratic friends nor I would want it any other way.
Find candidates that are of sound mind, fiscally and socially responsible in future elections, and we Democrats will have something to either provide a good challenge or work with, should they get elected.
Pretty simple. Meanwhile...continue as you are.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans picked the WORST possible candidate for U.C. Comptroller this time...basically they picked a ugly retarded corrupt fox to guard the proverbial hen-house. As for the Sheriff race, the Daily Troy (ex-Kingston) Ragman got it right for once in their endorsement for Paul. It's not that George Goodwin is a bad candidate...just Paul is superior.

I believe that the Local Ulster GOP faithful are going to stay home next Tuesday because most of their candidates have ZERO chance of winning. Maybe Hinchey is a bit vulnerable, but how motivated is the GOP base to get out and vote when alot of their candidates are trailing by double-digits and worse! Rick Lazio...Miss HIM yet?? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Here's another joke... Carl Paladino!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH I love this crowd.. Take my Candidates.. Please..

Henny Youngman

Anonymous said...

I think you're the first person ever to call Fawn a fox ;)

Anonymous said...

There is not much difference between a New Paltz Fawn and a Gardiner Bull..maybe 5 or 10 pounds.. Moooooooooooo Moooooooooo