Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Chairman Parete

Editor & news staff

I am particularly upset and must call attention to Fawn Tantillos’ harsh
rhetoric in the recent Comptrollers debate. Calling Elliot Auerbach
an “incompetent lackey” is way over the top and unacceptable. Civility and good
manners are something Fawn is clearly lacking.

Coincidentally; I call your attention to a published quote that appeared in the
Daily Freeman (Ulster County Unveils Final Plan for Jail) on March 21,2002. "This
jail's been called a 'megajail' by some of its critics. Only someone who
has absolutely no understanding, or someone who is grandstanding, could possibly
call this a megajail," said county Legislator Fawn
Tantillo, R-New Paltz, who chairs the jail oversight committee.


Fawn Tantillo was self appointed cheerleader for this 100 million dollar
fiasco.She clearly had no comprehension how deeply in over her head she was. She
has yet to own up to her responsibility for this taxpayers nightmare.
I would have thought by now she would have apologized to the citizens of Ulster

We warned her that the MEGA-JAIL project would be a disaster, but she mocked us,
and said we were playing politics. In this regard, I must ask Fawn, in hind
sight, was she playing politics, or just simply incompetent?


John Parete


Anonymous said...

All Hail John Parete!!!!

I'll bet Tanshillo loses 2:1 in a GOP year.

D. Demmson

Anonymous said...

Good point. And she is running for the job to farret out waste and inefficiency!

Anonymous said...

If she really wants to farret out the waste, how about taking some exlax and farreting out her own waste.

Henny Youngman

Greg Draiss said...

Auerbach seems lika very capable individual from the few times I have spoken with him

Anonymous said...

Tantillo didn't actually call him an incompentent lackey. Those were the reporter's words. She did quote the UC Financial Director on one of Auerbach audits. The Director said his audit contained “obvious and significant factual inaccuracies.” But she never called Auerbach an incompetent lackey.
Tantillo also pointed out that Auerbach's audit of safety net was off by 60%, but she never called him an incompetent lackey.
Then there was a question from the audiance asking if they thought it was a problem for the Executive and the Comptroller to be from the same party. Tantillo said she though some people could be independent but pointed out that Auerbach has never acutually had even a minor criticism of Hein. BUT Tantillo never called him an incompetent lackey.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t it hypocritical to beat up Tantillo for taking a county job when the guy who retired from the job was also a legislator and woman that replaced her was the Democratic Committee chairman from Saugerties?
Doesn’t Provenzano work for the City of Kingston in a patronage job? What about Dart and Donaldson. Didn't they work for the City of Kingston?

Anonymous said...

Bring back Parete, the new guy is a non event, no nothing, milk toast. yuk

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Scdribbleman sucks and should be replaced ASAP. <><>