Friday, October 08, 2010

Cowboy Rooney Trying To Buy The 101st!!!!

Peter Rooney pledged to spend 500k to try and take out Assemblyman Kevin Cahill and he is well on his way in keeping that promise. So far he has spent over $284,000 on his campaign, including over 56,000 in advertising, mostly negative lies that attack and misrepresent our Assemblyman's record.

Do not listen to the smears and lies that the Rooney campaign is telling you, they are untrue. Kevin Cahill is a guy that is a public servant in every sense of the word. An Assemblyman that is fully accessible to his constituents, who has fought hard to help seniors with heap, lower taxes, create strong ethics legislation, help kids receive a quality education, and has helped local municipalities with grants and funding, including the restoration of the long dormant Carnagie Library. This project and many others are now coming to fruition because of Assemblyman Cahill's efforts. Kevin Cahill as chair of the NYS's energy committee has made it a priority to work to make NYS a leader in green jobs.

Rooney on the other hand, has no ideas and does not know the issues, he admitted as much in the Daily Freeman when he announced several months ago.

Rooney acknowledges that he is still becoming familiar with many district issues, such as flooding and natural gas drilling in the Catskills, by talking with party leaders in each community.

"I’m little behind on some of those issues, but I’m working on them, constantly catching up," he said

-Kingston Daily Freeman May 26,2010

We don't have time for a new inexperienced Assemblyman to go to Albany and play catch up. The 101st needs an experienced leader like Kevin Cahill, not a wanna be cowboy. When I see this guy, I think he is going to pull a pistol out of his leather holster and shoot someone. The guy does not have what it takes to be in the New York state Assembly. Vote Cahill, send a message that THE 101st IS NOT FOR SALE!


Anonymous said...

Right on, Jeremy. Why would he think that in order to become familiar with the issues he needs to talk to party leaders? Suddenly they're experts on all the problems we're facing? Why is he even running if he doesn't know the issues?

The state legislature isn't a place to cut your teeth - let him start on his town board, move up to the county legislature, and then maybe he'll be ready for the big leagues. It's frightening that anyone would take him seriously. How many Assembly sessions has he attended? Has he been going to Albany on a regular basis to learn what an Assemblymember even does? He has absolutely no legislative or government experience.

What has this nut job done for his community? Has he helped out his local little league by paying for upgrades to their fields? Has he helped pay for a senior citizens' center? With all his money, he's not the least bit philanthropic. His selfishness (i.e., "cheapness") tells me that he'd be terrible in the Assembly because he doesn't care or know about anything other than protecting his own wealth.

Kevin Cahill has proven himself to be an effective leader and representative. Keep Kevin!

Can't buy me...... said...

I was eagerly awaiting to hear straight from the cowboy's mouth the facts to back up his radio and tv ad's yesterday at the POJO news editorial debate. Instead I got an hour of Kevin having to fight off a disturbed editorial board. Why were they angry? Because ROONEY DID NOT SHOW UP! I sent the Cahill campaign an email and they told me this was the 3rd time he has done that. He commits to the hosts, then doesn't show up. Is he afraid to have to answer questions from the public or people who actually pay attention like the editorial board?


Anonymous said...

If Kevin agreed not to support Shelly he would have my vote. But a vote for Shelly is selling out the Hudson Valley

Anonymous said...

Forget about the money, what about his stance on issues? I am much more concerned about that.

Anonymous said...

If Kevin was not on good terms with the DULY ELECTED LEADER of the Assembly, then he would be selling the out the 101st district. How effective would anyone be if they were not on good terms with their boss?

Say what you want, but Kevin delivers and if it means being on good terms with the boss, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Rooney has not articulated one position so far. Only negatives about Cahill. I wonder how long he thinks he can get away with that?

If he thinks dressing up in his cowboy costume and ducking interviews and panels where smart people will ask him questions is going to get him elected, he is wrong.

Until he says something more than "I am going to take him out", he has said nothing. He needs to tell us what he is going to do if elected.

Until then, he is COWARD PETE, he just hasn't earned his spurs

Anonymous said...

This is the second time Rooney did not show up. This past week the Esopus Seniors heard from the Sheriff and his opponent, but Rooney did not come to face off with Kevin. Instead he sent a young man with NO KNOWLEDGE of the issues.
The same went for Tantillo against Auerbach. Fawn did not show up but sent her mother instead! Her mom would probably make a better candidate anyway!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 2:30 post. I'd like 11:10 to explain how voting with Silver has sold us out. If you're at odds with the "boss", then you get nothing. You don't get your bills out of committee and you don't get grants for local projects. Kevin has brought millions of dollars to the Hudson Valley. That's our money - it would go somewhere else if Kevin didn't ask for it. Rooney has no idea what he's doing. And, I like the "coward, not a cowboy" theme. Kevin's opponent doesn't know the issues, that's why he's a repeated no-show.

Anonymous said...

Of course he is avoiding Cahill, the thousands he is paying in consultants are advising him to avoid direct debate at all costs.

Even Rooney's biggest supporters will admit he cant go toe to toe with Kevin. It's no joke Rooney does not know the issues.

This is standard procedure for a candidate like Rooney. They avoid debate and try and mold the campaign themselves by making up two to three bogus issues and using all resources on radio and mail. I've seen it a lot myself and can tell you it rarely works but the best stratagy they have.

Anonymous said...

Of the $284,138.76 Rooney has spent thus far, $275,000+ has been spent outside the 101st Assembly District. Surely there are locally qualified printers, photographers, film crews etc. who could have benefited from his largess.

Anonymous said...

Good point, 9:16 a.m. - that is typical of what "Coward Rooney" has been doing all along with his business as well. His products are made in China, and he doesn't have one retail store in the 101st. By not hiring local employees and businesses, he's not contributing to the sales tax or income tax. He's not part of the solution; he's part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

to 537p and those interested...

Rooney obviously lives and owns a farm and various properties in the 101st. His office is in Lloyd [yes I know it is not in the district]. His employees live in and around the 101st too.

His company's products are sold all over the world.

Media Companies in Ulster County that are not loyal to Dems? Lets see who are they??

Neighboring Assemblyman to the south, Frank Skartados, own a business in Poughkeepsie - The Chance. I am sure that the Police has had to pay visits there from time to time. I guess he is part of "the" problem too.

Oh and your County Dem Chair works in Manhattan, I guess he is part of the problem as well.

Calling out Coward Pete........ said...

Coward Pete could have had his Constitution truck done here, he could have spent the $35,000 on a photographer? (HUH? 35k on a photographer?) using a local person. He could have hired any number of people through 721 Media on Broadway. What is wrong with local people? Why not contribute to the local economy?

He buys his products from China, adding to the outsourcing problems
and the erosion of the manufacturing base in the USA.

I thought this guy was a Flag wearing, patriot tea bagger? Why not MADE IN THE USA? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

I guess that is good for everyone else. He breaks laws, he buys his products from China,does nothing for his community and he refuses to face the public where FAIR questions will be asked of him.

Sounds like he belongs on Wall st and not in Albany.

Anonymous said...

11:00 - how many people does Rooney employee? The fact that his company's products are sold all around the world, but not here in the 101st, doesn't help the 101st. The sales tax doesn't get put into the 101st. "My" County Dem Chair has an office on Wall St. in uptown Kingston (he does go into NYC 2 - 3 days a week)...and he's not seeking office and asking the taxpayers to support him and pay for his healthcare. Why would you compare a volunteer to one seeking elective office? There are absolutely no parallels. The Aegean (it's not The Chance) is in Frank Skartados' district - it's in the City of Poughkeepsie. What's your point? No wonder you're a supporter of Rooney - you're a know-nothing like he is.

Anonymous said...

to 755am

"He could have hired any number of people through 721 Media on Broadway. What is wrong with local people? Why not contribute to the local economy?"

721 Media is on the financial disclosure report. Rooney has used them. Seems like Rooney has also used, Smith Printing, Timely Signs, and Lamanna Printing too. ...yes, I can read the financial disclosure report too.

$35k for a photographer? I do see that reference on the disclosure and I don't know what it is for though it says "Photography". It may be for stock photography or graphic photography for the mailings or the photo work on the trucks.

What I don't see on Cahill's Disclosure Report is the money spent on 1/ all the new lawn signs replacing those tired vertical signs 2/ the radio Ads I hear playing on Kingston Community Radio, WDST, K104 and 94.3 the Wolf multiple times a day. At $75 to $125 an ad a day Cahill has got to be spending over $500 a day per radio station and 3/ the Television Ad that ran the other night which I am sure will run over and over and over again. With the run rate he has on radio and TV he'll spend over $54,000 on media. The current report you and I seem to look at shows Cahill having only $52k in the bank. Ooops, looks like Cahill is running deficit with his campaign account. That's status quot for his type of work in Albany too.

The fact remains that Rooney does contribute to the local economy. Rooney's disclosures seem to be detailed and that impresses me for accountability.

Anonymous said...

The 9:16 poster never said that he didn't spend any money in the district; (s)he said that he spent only a very small percentage (less than 5%) in the 191st. Furthermore, you obviously don't know anything about financial disclosures. Since Kevin just got his signs (money's a lot tighter when a candidate isn't a multi-millionaire and the revenue comes from outside sources), it's very likely the bill (and the others) didn't come in until after the reporting deadline. If the bill comes before the next deadline, they'll be on the next report. And, if an organization paid for his signs and his campaign didn't, he has to get the info from them. So, sometimes there is a delay. Rooney's paltry contribution to the local economy, coupled with his arrogance and ignorance, are reasons to vote for Kevin Cahill.

Anonymous said...

It's time to break out the chicken outfit.

Anonymous said...

The 35k went to a republican shill out of RACC in Albany. Check it out. I know who he is.

Anonymous said...

Did Rooney make all his money selling illegal fireworks?

Grucci Bros.

Rocco said...

I knew something was up when I saw those custom trucks several weeks ago. This guy is buying a seat. It's the age-old RepubliCON tactic of getting money from outside the area, even outside the country to pay for his campaign.
Then they want tax cuts for the richest of their buddies as a payback for their campaign contributions.
They are merely shills for the Koch Brothers, and other billionaires, who don't want to part with their money, and want to move ALL the jobs overseas.
I bet Rooney makes his goods in China. Where has he been? He says that he "just moved back" to NY. Where the heck was he, China, talking up deals for manufacturing of his goods at slave labor camps?
You know they used to make similar goods to his signs in prisons, when they made licence plates in prisons. It's no small stretch to think that his stuff is being made in prisons in CHINA!

The Great Patriot can't even employ American workers, in America, to manufacture his goods. Typical RepubliCON!