Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coming Tonight My Endorsements for Tuesday's Election

Here are my endorsements, I need to get up at 5 am so I am just putting up the names. I will post detailed reasons why I feel these people are the best choices Monday night.

NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo (Row E, WFP line)

US Senate: Charles Schumer

US Senate : Kirstin Gilibrand

NYS Attorney General: Eric Schneiderman

NYS Comptroller : Tom DiNapoli

**NYS Assembly 101st (the most important race) Kevin Cahill please help reelect this great public servant****

NYS Assembly 103rd Marc Molinaro

Ulster County Comptroller : Elliott Auerbach

Ulster County Sheriff : Paul Van Blarcum

NYS Senate 40th Greg Ball

US Congress 22nd Maurice Hinchey

US Congress 20th Scott Murphy

US Congress 19th John Hall


Anonymous said...

After all the sucking up you did and no endorsement for Hinchey??

Anonymous said...

Your endorsements or your predictions?

Anonymous said...

who cares!!. You have a spotty record in predictions.

Anonymous said...

Auerbach good pick best for the job
Ball seems like the best guy for the job
Eric Schneiderman would be a disaster
Tom DiNapoli would be a disaster too
Cahill could be better but best in the race
What about Hinchey, no opinion? I guess you know him too well. Time to retire. See you Tuesday.

no street cred for you, any more, said...

Very disapointed in yr choices, JB,


after all you have read & heard & seen ???


You have lost ALL credibility with me !!!!!


Maybe Jim Quigley was correct ?? YES !!!

No more from you, Jeremy,,,

Anonymous said...

Wow. All Democrats but one. You certainly gave this a lot of thought. (eyes rolling.)

Jeremy Blaber said...

two republicans, my friend

Anonymous said...

What about the NYS Senate District 42?

Bonacic vs. Sager.

Anonymous said...

*** POLI-SWAMI's Annual Predictions***

Hinchey 58%
Phillips 42%

The nutty Marine might beat Scott Murphy across the river, but John Hall will probabally "Still be the One" and beat the angry crass dried-up doctor downstate. It will be close.

Nationally, the Brownshirts will probabally retake the House, but not by the 80 seat margin that Adolph Hannity envisions. Still, even a 40 seat pick-up in hard to stomach. Reason will prevail with a slim 52(+2)-46 Dem majority in the Senate. If Harry Reid should fall to a complete wacko CU*^%T, then it's widely known that our boy, Chuck Schumer (who might crack 70%), will become the Majority Leader, which is good for NY!!

The GOV's race is a no-brainer. A KKK racist thug like Paladino should move to Alabama and he might have a chance to win there....after all, this is the state that produced George Wallace...
"In Birmingham..the love the gubbna'..po poo poo.." Well.. In Albany, they'll love Andrew Cuomo!!

Of more concern are the other 2 statewide races, where danger lurks if inside trader Harry Wilson should upend D'Napoli. True, I am a bit disappointed with the way he was selected in the usual backroom cigar smoke deal with the Tammany Hall Shelly Silver, but his performance is NOT commensurate with the way he was chosen. This is the race that could get away.
I'm a bit less worried with the AG race, as Eric Schniderman has run a strong finishing campaign and has poured heavy advertising to expose what a true corrupt slimebag his opponent is. Staten Island has produced such gem politicians like Vito "DWI-Bang the Babysitter Fosella". It will be close, but a 5-8% margin of victory is likely.

Here in UC, look for easy 2:1 victories by our Sheriff and Comptroller. Firecracker Rooney will get some return on all that money he spent, but it won't be enough to upend Kevin Cahill and Kevin will probabally win by the similar margin that Maurice does. Despite a well-run campaign by Little Bruhn, look for Larry Ball to garner somewhere in the 60-65% range and coast to a well earned victory. Larkin will keep winning until the grim reaper imposes term limits, and when that happens, the 39th will finally get the Democratic representation it deserves via an Art Gray style appointment...but not now...Look for Drunky Crow Bonacic to win easily too. Sidenote: At a recent building dedication ceremony at an upstate AG College, this guy was so tanked, he kept calling it SUNY NEW Paltz, as he was staggering around with a Russian mail-order-hooker in his $4,000 armani suit that taxpayers paid for. What a clown!

Well that's it. If you are a Democrat, be sure to vote early and vote often, and if you are a Republican, there's no point in voting...the Tea Party virus did not take hold here. See you in 2011!!!

Oh Great Electoral Swami... The POASTmaster General

Anonymous said...


Made my circles for all the entire Conservative Line, except the last one, as even I could not vote for that Beast of Burden I voted for your boy Elliot Auerbach on the WF line. Turnout was surprisingly brisk for 6:30...

CAL the Conservative

Anonymous said...

How about 7th Ward Alderman in 2011?

Anonymous said...

Still playing games with banning legitimate comments Blaber, U are losing your credibility, OH You never had any!
Go ahead and post this!

Anonymous said...

The Rent Is Too Damn High Candidates SHOULD make it just for getting on the Damn Ballot that voters have to manually damn well fill out and that would ideally push Gillibrand and Cuomo aside. Oh well better luck next rent is too damn high time. Maybe next time we will be even luckier and get "Rent Is Paid By The Dog Because It's Too Damn High For Humans" Party.
Cahill is sadly about as close to a bum that the Freeman made him out to be and he doesn't deserve to be sent back but he will be. Cuomo is nothing special either and he'll get in.
Hinchey deserves re-election and so does Judge Ball. The rest I'll leave to personal discretion.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Who is this Swami.. He did pretty good.

Fred Dicker

Greg Draiss said...

Very surprised and disappointed that Hinchey won re-election.

Good riddance Scott Murphy
Surprised John Hall lost. Thought he was not a bad Congressman.

Gillibrand epouses family but runs off to Washington leaving to small children behind. No way to raise a family

Anonymous said...

Greg Draiss - you're a typical right-wing zealot that hasn't gotten out of the 1950s. Why can't Mr. Gillibrand stay home while Mrs. Gillibrand has a career? Should women put their careers on hold while having children? A woman goes to college, continues on and gets an advanced degree, marries, and has her first child at, let's say, 30. She hasn't worked at her chosen profession for very long (a couple of years or so) between grad school and the birth of her first child. At 32, she has her 2nd child. She should wait until her younger child is 18 and out of the house to pursue or continue her career? You're saying women should stay home until they're almost 50 years old - then they can restart their career. Are you married? If not, I'm not surprised; if so, I feel sorry for your wife.

Anonymous said...

Hinchey won because the 22nd is one of the most gerrymandered district in the country. He won because of the college turnout in Tompkins County (Ithaca and Cornell). It has long been my assertion that students going to college should vote from where they came from and should not be allowed to vote where they go to school. This is how New Paltz elected that buffoon Jason West as Mayor a few years ago. If NY loses another congressional seat, maybe the lines will be drawn more fairly, but I wouldn't count on it.

NY missed out on a golden opportunity. Now we get what we deserve. And get it, we will!!!
Higher Taxes...More Fees...More jobs leaving the state...Lower standard of living...

Sidenote: Amazing how the local Rag sat on the story of the Partsearch disaster. This was one of Mo's big deals a few years ago and now look..100 jobs gone. Of course, the story was held until after the election. Typical.


Anonymous said...


1) Jason West is anything but a buffoon. He is very smart, articulate and looks at life with an open mind.

2) Partsearch is leaving due to poor management within the company and not being able to negotiate a deal with it's largest customer. Had nothing to do with getting them here in the first place.

3) College kids spend 9 months of the year where the college is. Why should they not vote there? They have to live with the results too. If it wasn't for the colleges, most of these towns would dry up and blow away.

4) Your statement that "the 22nd is one of the most gerrymandered district in the country" is questionable. The truth is, it is pretty typical. There are far worse districts than NY 22nd.

5) What opportunity was lost? The opportunity for the Majority of voters to get what they want and elect the person they want representing them? No, that happened. Or was it the opportunity for the minority of voters to force their ideals onto the Majority? Yes, that seems to be more like it.

Cal, you are in the minority here. If you want like minded people, maybe you should look at some property south of the Mason-Dixson line, it seems you may fit better there.

Anonymous said...

I am Glad i discovered this blog.Added to my bookmark!