Monday, October 11, 2010

A Very Simple Question

I have to say up until today, I was secretly going to vote for Carl Paladino. I love Andrew Cuomo and think he is great, I felt that Carl would shake things up a little bit and really give NYS government the kick in the teeth that it needs. I met Paladino at a Manulus chamber of commerce breakfast and thought he was great; full of energy and very personable and passionate for what he believed in. I also agreed with former Governor Eliot Spitzer that Carl was not as crazy as he is portrayed in the media and would do a credible job.

However, Mr. Paladino's comments regarding gay Americans are completely unacceptable and dangerous. I will not vote for a candidate that discriminates against anyone because of their race, gender or sexual orientation. That is just where I draw the line, I can be pretty edgy but will never attack or discriminate against someone for political gain.

I ask this question to the following candidates: Mr. Rooney, Mr. Kirwin, Senator Larkin, Senator Bonacic, Mr. Goodwin and Mrs. Tantillo ... after the comments made by your party's nominee for Governor will you be supporting him in November?

I really am proud of my good friend Assemblyman Ball, who is in a tight race to fill Senator Liebell's seat, for having the courage to come out against Carl Paladino's comments. Good for Assemblyman Ball!!


Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding? You were never going to vote for Palladino. You are a liar!!

Jeremy Blaber said...

No, I swear wrestled with it for days and I was really going to vote for Paladino. Not anymore I will be voting for Andrew Cuomo on the Working families party line.

Anonymous said...

TOday on IMUS in the Morning Paladino clarified his comments by saying:
" I will uphold all the laws of NYS but i dont think that kind of morality should be taught in the schools to our kids
If the Legislature passes a gay marriage law I will uphold that one too.
HOWEVER i dont think that quasi -naked men shaking their genitalia during the Gay Pride Parade is proper for our kids to witness."

not anti gay per se,,, just protecting our children's minds & futures.

Makes sense to me, JB,

come back home, bro,

all is good now,,,
Welcome Home, JB.

Anonymous said...

Tantillo already voiced her support for Cuomo...remember the uproar when she attended the rally in NP and then publicly declared her support? Maybe she knew something the republicans didn't.

Anonymous said...

what did he say about gays

Anonymous said...

I see you got the memo from Sheldon Silver. You enacted it faster than most Democrats in the State Legislature. If you want a career in politics, his is not the lead to follow

joe frank said...

"HOWEVER i dont think that quasi -naked men shaking their genitalia during the Gay Pride Parade is proper for our kids to witness."


Anonymous said...

Hey Koch is endorsing Philips. Hows that for a stab in the back? After all Hinchey did for that faction by supporting Bradley, this is the way they treat him? This makes me not vote for Auerbach and definitely vote for Maurice. What's the story with Tantillo? She must be ecstatic!

Anonymous said...

I used to live in NYC. THe gay pride parade does more to HURT HARD WORKING GAY AMERICANS that it helps.

It furthers a stereotype.

And on that, Palladino was right.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen any Gay Pride parade, so I can't comment as to how lewd and ridiculous they may be. But the antics of a gay pride parade should not be anyone's reason to fight against gay rights. That's fine if Paladino doesn't like gay pride parades; but why is a parade the center of his talking points?