Thursday, February 24, 2011

Auerbach's Audit of the RRA Part 2

“We know the County is ultimately on the hook for the Agency’s debt and for compliance with environmental laws, if the Agency is not planning for success then the County will need to plan for its failure.”

   -Ulster Comptroller Elliott Auerbach

Auerbach RRA Audit

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Some of the reports findings include:

Expenses are outpacing revenues by nearly 3.5% a year and at that rate by 2014 expenses will exceed income.

A majority of the Agency’s revenue contracts (21 of 37) will expire in 2012 and without intervention by 2014 the Agency’s sole revenue contract will be with Ulster County.

Capital assets have been decreasing since 2006.

As of 2009 the Agency has a total debt of $38,908,859 due through 2025.

The Agency’s debt reserve continues to trend downward after decreasing by almost $10 million since 2000.

The Comptroller’s research found no documentation of long-term operational and financial planning. “As we looked at the financial landscape of the Agency it became clear that it has been functioning on a day-to-day basis these past many years,” said Auerbach.

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Guess your not a "fair" reporter. You only publish what you chose your readers to see. What a shame.