Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jonathan Sennett Makes It Official Thursday, Be There!

Jonathan Sennett will officially announce his candidacy for Ulster County District Attorney!
WHEN: Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 12 noon
(Expected duration is 20 minutes, with coffee and snacks to follow.)

WHERE: Ulster County Courthouse steps
285 Wall Street, Kingston NY 12401
Refreshments will be served at Hudson Coffee Traders, 288 Wall St. Kingston directly across from the Courthouse following the announcement.
Sennett brings extensive criminal justice experience and a strong commitment to public integrity to the campaign for Ulster County’s top prosecutor. Rain, snow or shine, Jon Sennett will publicly take his message to the people of Ulster County and make his case that he is the right candidate for the job. Jon Sennett intends to be the people’s DA.

Please make every effort to attend this event, no excuses! Let's get 100 people there, and make Holly Carnright squirm when he looks out his office window and realizes he will only be a one term DA!


Anonymous said...

You mean DA Carnright, who knowingly charged the late Harvey Slight with a crime in the failed jail investigation, knowing the statute of limitations had expired?

the DA that almost ruined the life of five kids during the khs sex case?

the da that refused to even investigate a shake down on his own turf by nys senators at a golf outing?

the same da that poo pooed Comptroller Elliott Auerbach's of the RRA calling it too political?

That DA? Holly we hardly knew you, you had four years to earn my vote and sadly you fellshort, big time!

Anonymous said...

What about the DA who refused to prosecute a woman who was forcibly raped in New Paltz because she was "asking for it"? Oh...that DA...

Jon Sennett will make a great DA - I am proud to support and vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Go Jon Go! Everyone knows who the problem boys are in Kingston and Jon is not one of them.

They are terrified that anyone other than one of their own would hold this office and could look into their shenanigans.

Look for this to be one of the ugliest mug slinging races ever.

Keep up the fight Jon... eventually the people will prevail and break up the little "monopoly" that these boys have going on.

The harder and nastier that they fight, the more you know they have to hide and protect.

Just look at Wadnola if you need any examples.

Anonymous said...

I got news for you Blaber: He already knows and so does Robin Yess.

Here is one Republican vote for Jon Sennett.

Thank you for your blog, it must take up a lot of time.

- George McKnight

Anonymous said...

Is this the year the good old boys start to get purged? Blaber, you will have problems because like it or not, Hein is one of them. So are Auerbach and Woerner. Look at their contributors.

It is time for you to take a side Jeremy. Are you one of them or are you one of the people who are against the good old boys having their way with Ulster County?

Sennett is the first step, then the Legislature, then the Executive and Comptrollers office. Good people will run for those offices is they see there is a chance.

It is time to man up and get on the right side of this. Be part of the future, not the past!

Jeremy Blaber said...

Mike Hein is not part of the good ol' boy network by any means, he is County Executive today becasue he built a reputation on taking on the Good ol' boy network first as deputy Treasure and than as county administrator. Hein has continued that as Executive.

Anonymous said...

Were with you Jeremy, tell the crazies Sennet should run on issues not by bashing others.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan is a great guy and rest assured his campaign will be above board and issue oriented.

Anonymous said...

Jon is a good egg, I see him uptown going into the butcher all the time.He just has a presence about him that demands authority and he seems like a good guy always happy. I don't know him or his experiance but I like him.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Hein is in with the old schooler's. Provenzano, Spada, Aaron. He is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Saw the press conference. Don't like Sennett, but I love his hat.