Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ulster County Legislature Fun

A few interesting observations from last nights County Legislature meeting:

Rich Gerentine is being held back in the gop, the guy is on the top of his game. Gerintine is head and shoulders above most of his gop colleges...he should at the very least be majority leader.

Gerentine who hails from the same hometown as Jersey Shore star "Snooki", came up to me and informed me: "unlike Snookie my tan is real", referring to a comment someone posted on my blog accusing Gerentine of using bronzer...I feel ridiculous even writing that last paragraph but I thought it was funny..

Majority Leader Paul Hansut took issue with me spelling his name wrong on the blog in a recent post. It's H-A-N-S-U-T, said a loud Hansut as he saw me walking into caucus but he didn't seem too upset. My apologies to the Majority Leader.

Fred Wadnola proved me right he defiantly can't take criticism! During the public comment portion of the county leg meeting last night, a man dared to criticize him for taking a five week vacation and that gentleman was told to sit down and shut up. Never in the six years I have been following local politics has this happened. Public comment is public comment, you don't stifle someones opinion because you disagree with them. The speaker got a huge applause and Legislator Dave Donaldson called Wadnola out for what he did.

Earlier in the evening Wadnola gave his state of the county speech and cleared half the room in what was a packed legislature minutes before he got up to speak...let's just say it was not a good night for Chairman Wadnola and he didn't do himself any favors.

Before boring Wadnola cleared everyone out of the legislature, County Executive Mike Hein spoke to a standing room only crowd. Some of what Hein highlighted were his accomplishments in presenting a budget that passed with a 0% tax increase, and taking on the D.E.P, and winning to protect local farmers and residents in Ulster County...his full speech will be posted later tonight.

County Executive Hein was clearly on his game and had the entire room eating of his hand about half way through his state of the county. Hein is going to breeze to reelection this November.

And, finally I give Legislator Sue Zimet a lot of credit for defending Terry Bernardo on the floor of the legislature last night. Zimet went after Wadnola, who at times refused to call on her, Zimet blasted Fred for how he treated Bernardo. Legislator Bernardo is hard working was a great chair and you promised that you would not retaliate against her said Zimet. "What you did was despicable"


Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is Han-shit.

P. O. St. Master said...

Once those indictments are unsealed, nothing will matter anymore anyway. I told you yesterday, Blabber, the feds were getting involved with this Matthews garbage. Your boy Jon is going to breeze to victory.

Poastmaster General

Anonymous said...

Wadnola is washed up. He has been and should have stayed retired.

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment.
If I didn't know better I'd be looking for the hidden cameras on the 6th floor as the Legislature has become nothing more than reality TV.
Wait, there probably are hidden cameras on the 6th floor.
That's it...let's market our government as reality TV and use that for economic development.

Anonymous said...

What happened to decorum? Fred yelling at a member of the public, Zimet quitting on the floor. I'll tell ya, that place has gone to Hell in a hand basket.

Anonymous said...

Feds are not looking only at Matthews and the Sheriff's Department knows it. The subpoenas don't even mention Mathews name. They are looking at Urgent. This is not going to affect the District Attorney at all, he will be keeping his case. One person it is going to affect and he is going to have to answer the question why he has never done anything at the Sheriff's Department is Auerbach. They are going to find that this Urgent was a complete boondoggle with absolutely no oversight by the county.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Wadnola telling a member of the public that he can't speak his mind during public comment. That was the best. Deny the public their right to speak. It was not the smartest move he could have made but one never said Wadnola was smart, just damn lucky.

Anonymous said...

First no sitting on the windowsill, now no speaking bad of the Legislature. What's next? Next meeting speaker after speaker should get up and demand Wadnola's resignation for not doing his job.
And see if he cuts each one off or has them arrested. If the Legislators want to make it a circus then the public should give them what they want.

Anonymous said...

Is that a WANTED poster for the residents of Ulster or a picture of the people we should NOT vote for this November

Anonymous said...

I want to hit the like button on the first comment at 933pm