Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jason West for New Paltz Mayor

Today I officially withdraw my name from consideration as a candidate for mayor in the Village of New Paltz. While the office of the mayor is considered a part time position, the residents of New Paltz need a mayor that can devote full time hours to the position, I simply do not have the time. I strongly support and encourage New Paltz residents to support my good friend and the next mayor of New Paltz Jason West.

There are other reasons for my decision, there is something I have had my eye on for almost six years that may open up this year, a position I feel I do have the time to devote to and an office I have strong ties to, but we'll discuss that a later date.


I'm just sayin' said...

I like Jason West a lot, but his time has come & gone.

The Village of New Paltz needs a business minded person to run the Village properly.
There are too many people involved in NP's Village Government who never had any real life experience.
A college kid who is a tool of the landlords, a morally challenged immature woman who is quasi brain-dead a nasty witch = the Deputy mayor, & the Village Idiot, the "Mayor" himself,

I hear Radi Cerda , the Jordanian business man ( Main Street Auto, NP Taxi & others, is very interested.

HE would be a good candidate.
Jason's 15 minutes were up when he did Conan,,,

Anonymous said...

Running for 7th ward Alderman??

Anonymous said...

7:51 - i could not disagree more.

you say "business man" like that instantly makes them a better candidate. like we're supposed to think, "oh, hey, this business man with zero experience as a mayor is gonna be awesome! way better than the guy that already did this, and did it extremely well!"

write back when you actually have a point.

Pat said...

What did West do in his first term to recommend a second?

Newsman said...

454: If Alderman Reynolds does not run for reelection, I would seriously look at a run, yes.

Terence said...

You made the right choice. I can see that you have your eye on lots of things, and if you'd won you may have felt constrained by the role.

Anonymous said...

West would like to take your righe away..He knows better than all. Hes a dangerous autocrat. All free thinking people beware of Jason West....Hes a demon in desguise....Go West....West Im voting for that Groovy dude...he really has the right ideas.....