Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blaber News Poll: Hein Crushes Quigley

If the race for county executive were held today, County Executive Mike Hein would crush his would be challenger town of Ulster Supervisor Jim Quigley according to a recent hypothetical poll on the Exec race.

The poll that more than 400 people participated in has Hein cruising over Quigley with 56% of the vote to Quigley's 43.

Jim Quigley is rumored to be running for the Republican nomination for executive and has already been in touch with town committees regarding the race. Hein is largely favored to easily win reelection in November no matter who the challenger may be.

The poll is not scientific.


Anonymous said...

Quigly, dead on arrival, besides he is an arrogant love myself politician

Anonymous said...


Great job on the poll. Quigley surely loses to Hein.

But really, wouldn't it be better to have him in a county wide race he would surely lose and finish him off for good? 2 time losser!
Than to have him run for re-election in the TOU where he can safly finance the county wide race against your good friend Sennat?

Man, you gotta start thinking about the bigger picture!!!

been there, done that, said...

Ah,,, the Kool-Aid flavor of this month is,,, ????

YOu true believers crack me up,

November is a lifetime away in politics,,

All races are in play til ya count the votes,

don't be so cocky, you left-libs,,,

Dandy Andy said...

I think Fred Wadnola would poll better than Queefly.

The "ghost" of Andy Labarge...actually, is ol' Andy dead yet? I think so?? Help me out here...

Anonymous said...

Fred is done. He would lose a Legislature race if he ran again.
He has not done what he was elected to do.

Calvin W. Goldwater III said...

Well, as a lifelong Republican, I do have serious issues with the Republican Chairman Appointing a Democrat to Chair a Committee. Elections have consequences. The Democrats are the Minority, and they don't deserve to Chair any Committees. Fred's move was an enormous blunder for several reasons. First, there was nothing wrong with keeping Terry Bernardo. She is an asset to the caucus and the legislative body as a whole and to throw here to the wolves doens't do anybody any good. Secondly, Fred's Folly sends the message out to the Female voting bloc that the GOP doesn't care about them. I mean, look what they do to their own! Lastly, his myopic peevish act will drive independents away, especially those who vote on the independence line because I see more Democrats taking that line in the future. ;)

Florida's Calling Fred...

-Cal the Conservative

Newsman said...

1:17 PM:

I agree it's a moot point because at the end of the day, Jim Quigley does not have the guts to run against Mike Hein.

Anonymous said...

The question is not whether Quigley should or will run, but whether the Republicans can stop fighting with eash other long enough to even have a nominating meeting. If he has any brains, he would walk away from the entire party.

Anonymous said...

Cal the Conservative - I don't know if Dave Donaldson ever had any Republicans as chair of the committees, but unlike his predecessors, he didn't fire every Republican department head. Under GOP rule, you guys never gave any credit to any Dem who was competent. You only looked at party registration. That's a piss-poor way to run government. And everyone knows that here in UC, the GOP has done a piss-poor job.