Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Come On Fred, Man Up!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I can't take a little criticism
- Chairman Fred Wadnola

Chairman Fred Wadnola has an issue with me about a blog posting I made about three weeks ago, regarding the RRA, more specifically a dinner at Fred's place that was billed to the RRA.

Instead of calling me himself, he is having his wife call all over town looking for my cell phone number so she can call and yell at me. I have gotten 4 phone calls! If it's someone that she knows likes me she says: Do you have Jeremy's number, I want to do an ad for Fred's place on the blog. If it's someone she THINKS dislikes me she admits to them them she wants to call and tell me off. If four people told me this in one day, I can't imagine how many people were called.

HERE IS MY NUMBER MR. CHAIRMAN : 718-662-9748 AND JUST DO ME A FAVOR BE A MAN AND CALL ME YOURSELF, I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOUR WIFE. (Dial a 1 first before the area code, Fred...he's not that tech savvy)

The funny thing about all this is that, this happened two weeks ago! Wadnola is making an issue now because he just found out due to the fact he has been on a month long vacation in Florida.

Not only should Fred man up and not have his wife fight his battles but he should also man up and return his salary for the month of January becasue he did no work.

Fred Wadnola makes about 19k as Chair of the county legislature and I will give him the benefit of the doubt he sent a few e-mails and made a few phone calls (or Chynthia did for him) relating to county buisness..so cut the county a check for $1400.00 and we'll call it even.


Anonymous said...

Ironicly, that's also the face Fred makes when he has to poop.

Anonymous said...

yeah and who do you think has to change him?

Anonymous said...

Fred's wife is the one who forces Fred into positions he really does not want to be in, like Legislator.
After all this time, you would think he would be able to take some well deserved criticism.

One who knows, said...

Fred is another one with no loyalty or moral fiber.

He turns on his own like a wolf devouring her young,mainly cause he is braindead.

another nasty piece of gutless wonder like others in UC Gov't & UC Courthouse.

Anonymous said...

9:19: I can honestly say I'm loling but it's probably so true baaahhhhaaa

Stop The Shock Blogger said...

You know this guy still is the chairman of the legislature, a little respect for the office please.

Anonymous said...

He has not earned respect and he has not acted like a Chairman. He has enabled Hein's agenda without regard to the long term outcome. Fred should have stayed retired. He is worthless in the Legislature. The press has even commented on it.

Anonymous said...

I think his quote to the Times Herald Record was: "Wadnola responded to a call by saying he didn't wish to discuss legislative business while on vacation in the state of Florida."

Times Herald Record Online

Wadnola - do the job or pay the money back.

Anonymous said...

Fred Wadnola is a clown in legislative clothing! All kidding aside, he is also just a tad unethical when doing business too.Freddy needs to go, and I feel ya jeremy, Fred's wife is a pain in the ass too!

Anonymous said...

Wadnola does not give a shit about anything but Wadnola and promoting his failing restaurant. It is no surprise he is crying. He does not like it when someone challenges him.

Even if the whole thing about an RRA dinner at his place is BS, he was not doing his job when he was on the RRA board, that my friends is the real issue. And yes, Cynthia is a royal pain in the ass. Remember fellow Republicans, she switched parties when it benefited Fred. Time to send the Wadnola's to Florida permanently.

Anonymous said...

Fred is just another nasty person from the Town of Ulster. Where they think the county is all about them

attends meetings said...

10:48-- Please, all Legislation is passed by the full Legislature. Some with a majority vote, some with a handful of no votes. Fred has one vote, like the rest of those who think they are so important.

down in the boondocks said...

8:54 -

I thought that was the City of Kingston folks,,

THEY think it is all about them, always.

Ulster & Kingston people - you are NOT the entire County,

GOP or DEMs There are a lot of us out here in Gardiner, New Paltz, Milton, Highland, Clintondale, even effin' Saugerties,

so give us a break & realise you ain't the only horse in these races,,,

Anonymous said...

attends meetings:
He may be one vote, but he is the "leader" and he should be fighting for his branch of Government. He does not do that. He needs to set the tone emphasizing that the Legislature has an equal voice. He absolutely does not do that. He is a rubber stamp for Hein. I go to meetings too not that it matters. You don't have to go to meetings to see that.

Anonymous said...

8:54... you mean like qUiGLeY! Just remember people you cant spell Quigley without UGLY!!!

Anonymous said...

1:36 you down south have your own problems you have Rasco in Shawangunk that is a complete A@##hole

Anonymous said...

What I think is funny, is several Democratic Legislators are on here bitching about Fred, but they were the idiots that voted for him for Chairman. Just goes to show that there is no stance and no fight that the county legislature won't happily run away from.

Anonymous said...

Wadnola strikes again. His childish battle with the Bernardo's and Zimet has reached epic proportions.

For Wadnola to exclaim that there are repercussions to challenging him is beyond belief. He calls himself a leader?

I can not believe that he was elected Chairman or that he has the balls to state to the press that he took Bernardo out as payback.

If he only showed that same "courage" when he was dealing with Hein.

Anonymous said...

Wadnola admits playing politics today in the Freeman. The arrogance of this man is stunning.

That is the FACE of the Republican Party? PLAYING POLITICS AND BEING PROUD OF IT?

People have real problems that need to be fixed. Far greater than whether or not someone is trying to take out a probably incompetent Chairman.

I suggest Wadnola keep his personal junior high grudges out of the business of the County and do what serves the taxpayers best, not what serves his overinflated ego.

Anonymous said...

Town of Ulster voters must be proud of their Legislator.

Anonymous said...

Has Fred called?

Anonymous said...

The tumor continues to grow. Eventually, it will serve its purpose.

Anita Cox

Anonymous said...

Could Wadnola at least get one story and stick to it? He really needs to move on. Did anyone tell him that he won, and that he doesn't have to wage war anymore?

His best quote was the no comment because I'm on vacation.

Hugh Reynolds, Committee Shuffle

Wadnola and Shapiro both vehemently deny political motives

“Absolutely not!” said Shapiro. “I assume I was appointed because the chairman, based on my record I could do a good job.”

“Absolutely not!” echoed Wadnola when asked, citing state senator John Bonacic’s recent decision to give minority senators more authority on his senate committees as inspiration.

Daily Freeman

Wadnola said he has no idea what Zimet is talking about. “She never spoke to me at all, and I never made any commitments that there wouldn’t be retaliation,” he said.

“There are repercussions when you do things,” Wadnola said, pointing out that, in past years, he was removed as a committee chairman after he supported Republican Phil Sinagra to chair the Legislature over then-Chairman Daniel Alfonso.

Times Herald Record

Wadnola responded to a call by saying he didn't wish to discuss legislative business while on vacation in the state of Florida.

Anonymous said...

Fred is a pussy picking on two woman and when he has an issue with you he has his wife fight for him. How pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Quigley cousin of Tim Matthews is preparing to write a big check to help him out I hear.

Anonymous said...

Matthews needs money? How ironic.

Anonymous said...

Fred should have stayed retired. Many people suggested that before he ran. Apparently Cynthia wouldn't let him.

Jeremy Blaber said...

1209: No he has not.

A Former Republican said...

You shouldn't be so hard on Fred, he is being used. All of Wadnola’s problems began with Catalano’s resignation as Chairman and the eventual “election” of Yess as Chairman of the Republican Party. Catalano had Wandola's back. Yess does not.

It was Yess that insisted on sending the e-mail to Leg Bernardo removing her as Chair with oversight of the RRA. Guilty or not, it made Wadnola look like he was hiding something. That move only served to stroke Yess's ego. That would have never happened with Catalano as Chairman. That blew up in Wadnola’s face.

It was Yess’s idea to remove Leg Bernardo as Chair of the Operations Committee as “retaliation”. That would have never happened with Catalano as Chair, and that blew up in Wadnola’s face too.

It is Yess’s constant stroking of Wadnola’s ego that emboldens him to make bonehead remarks like he did to the Freeman. That may have happened with Catalano as Chair (he can't control everything), but Catalano would have never allowed a situation like this to escalate to that point. Yess thrives on it.

Yess’s obsession with micromanaging the Legislature and carrying our personal vendetta’s is hurting the party. Her history of failed relationships with the Democratic Party, her failed election as Legislator, Assemblywoman, and her failed relationship with RACC warrant the raising of an eyebrow by the Republican Party. She is hell bent on settling personal grudges at the expense of her fellow Republicans, and elevating herself by putting other people in their place.

Just an observation from a former Republican.

Anonymous said...

Blaber you are so far in Bernardos pocket he must get a tingle when you move

Anonymous said...

2:34, Fred is a big boy, what he says and does are his responsibility. There is no one else is to blame. If Fred screws up, he is responsible, not Yess and not Catalano.

The more people talk about this guy, the more it is apparent he is anything but a leader. He seems to take orders from everyone.

Poor Republicans have to resort to a guy who has to run every decision past a review panel before they are made.

Anonymous said...

good point 2:34 ask any District 7 Legislator what they think of Yess

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


4:57 AM

If you think that is bad, try Dick Cahill's. He is far worse. He does not publish anything that criticizes him or his opinion.

Anonymous said...

Forget Fred manning up, he needs to WAKE UP first!

C. Everett Poop (Poastmaster General) said...

9:06, then there is probabally not much conversation over there on Lil' Dick's Right Wing Propoganda Blog. Who really would agree with anything he thinks? Like he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the Mayor's seat in the fall. Blabber has certain topics that he is a pussy about and is afraid to poast any poastworthy poastings to the contrary for fear of losing support. Such is the beauty of the Anonymous Poast. So while we call him out on his lack of testicular fortitude with regard to certain issues, it certainly doesn't seem ..here.. as one-sided as the church-like puritan pilgrim calvinistic environment on Lil' Dick's Blog. Agreed!

C. MMXI Poastmaster General
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