Friday, February 18, 2011

Wadnola's Arrogance

I don't know how I missed this but it's unreal. The record did a story on an issue going on in the legislature and when Wadnola was called for comment he said the following:

Wadnola responded to a call by saying he didn't wish to discuss legislative business while on vacation in the state of Florida.
REALLY MR. CHAIRMAN??!! What arrogance!

Let me just remind everyone that Fred Wadnola was paid by you, the tax payers for the month of January and not only did he not work for that month he wouldn't even respond to a reporters phone calls seeking comment from the Chairman of the legislature.


burned by Fred too, said...

Fred is a dis-loyal, rude, DUMB, doucebag.
His Town of Ulster arrogance is the least of his many faults.

He mis-handled EVERY appointment he was involved in, badly.

He has no sense of LOYALTY & he caves in to "outside" pressure every time he faces it.
Rude, gasbag but dangerous because of his "exalted" position.


Anonymous said...

And I hope the Legislature is reminded every minute that they chose to reappoint this bufoon.

Anonymous said...

When you start screwing your friends like Fred has, it is time to pack it in. Fred is not a man of his word as he has proven time and time again. Not trustworthy and honest.

Way to wrap up your career Fred, as a total scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers should get money back.

Anonymous said...

I guess he owes Glen Dannaham an apology for shutting him down when he was giving public comment and brought the January vacation up.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a Chairman of the Legislature telling a member of the public to be quiet and sit down.

The public can say what they want, he was 100% wrong. He should be removed from the chairmanship of the Legislature.

I am disgusted with the way Wadnola is running the Legislature. He is a major disappointment and failure.