Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hats Off To Assemblyman Skartados

Hats off to Frank Skartados who ran a tight race in the 100th Assembly district, losing to Assemblyman Tom Kirwin by just 15 votes with close to 50 votes in a Democratic district thrown out.

Assemblyman Skartados did a great job and I am confident in two years we will return this great public servant back to the NYS Assembly.


Johnson-Humphrey Democrat said...

Hope he runs next year

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah, lets get going with the business of governing. This went on way too long. better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

He abandoned his responsibility to his constituents by leaving them un-represented for too long while stroking his liberal ego & refusing to see the truth.
SHAME on Skartados !

dumber than a box of rocks & petty tantrums too.

He will never be heard from again !

Anonymous said...

Next time, if there is a next time, he has to be a little bit smarter with who he surrounds himself with. The Schacter's were of absolutely no help to this guy during his term or in the election.