Saturday, February 05, 2011

Here and There

Mayor Sottile gave his last annual mayor's address of his tenure as Kingston's Mayor. I was in New York and being it was his last address, I took advantage of the Daily Freeman's live broadcasting of it.. I guess the best way to describe it would be Jersey Shore coming on a few hours early Thursday was a train wreck.

Mayor Sottile had nothing new to say, didn't hit on any real accomplishments and talked about the same thing he does every year: Someday Kingston will have a great community for the arts, build a bandstand on the waterfront and they will come...yawn.

Thanks Jimmy, now go sit quietly in the corner for the next eight months and try not to make too much noise or mess anything up more than you already have.


There has been a lot of focus on the Kingston Mayor's race and I thought it would be interesting to take an early look at the common council..who's running for reelection, what candidates may run ect.

Ward 1 Andi Turco Levin, will probably win reelection if she chooses to run although that ward is just waiting to go Democratic...if Alderwoman Turco Levin runs for Alderman at Large (which she says she wont) that ward will go Democratic.

Ward 2- Tom Hoffay seems pretty safe, and I have not heard of any candidates running yet. To be honest it's not often you get a great political mind like Hoffay that loves being Alderman and puts so much time and effort into it. Kingston is lucky to have Tom running the great Second Ward.

Ward 3- Charlie Landi is in good shape to keep his seat

Ward 4 Shirley Whitlock will easily win reelection with little challenge

Ward 5 Jen Fuentes has done a good job and I don't see her losing her reelection bid..

Ward 6 Ron Polacco probably will not run for reelection. It's fair to assume he will be running for another office...I see a Democratic pick up if Dems wise up and run Elisa Ball.

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds has served with distinction for many years as Alderman of Ward 7 and I see him moving up as well. I hear Frank Dart and Bill Berardi's names as possible candidates (both are Democrats), Mike Gill may run again on the gop line but who knows.

Ward 8- Robert Senor is not running for reelection from what I hear and that leaves Ward 8 wide open. Expect three to four people eyeing that seat.

Ward 9- I wish Hayes Clement great success on his reelection ;)

Speaking of Hayes Clement, he did win the poll I had up for mayor and clearly he is running but I just think it's too soon. Nothing personal against Hayes. I liked the picture ran on their website, you can see Shayne Gallo behind Mayor Sottile during his address to the city...coincidence? I don't know but Shayne looked like the next Mayor if you ask me.

Rich Cahill did well on the Republican side, polls are not scientific and we'll see how that primary goes.
Comptroller Elliott Auerbach will investigate the more than 170 thousand dollars that was spent in confidential money that has been used over the last four years. This money is used to pay informants, set up stings ect.

Comptroller Auerbach is right to point this out especially in light of what happened with KPD recently. How money is given out, making sure safe guards are in place and an accounting of every dollar is very important, good to see Auerbach being proactive and a great watchdog of the peoples money.

Lastly tomorrow, I will be wearing Green and Yellow and rooting for Green Bay over Pittsburgh, although it will be tough to watch either team play at Texas Stadium, instead of the Cowboys ;/

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Open letter to Hugh Reynolds of the Kingston Times on his recent attack on Jean Jacobs:

Dear Editor:

Some things in Kingston never change. I speak of the nasty vitriol that comes from the writings of Hugh Reynolds. His most recent negative jab at Ms. Jean Jacobs, referring to her as a "perennial loser" speaks more about the content of his own persona than of hers.

For as long as I have known Ms. Jacobs, she puts her heart, soul and passion into TRUTH. Others who name call and disparage her character are threatened by her belief and support of the true purpose of democracy and governance where it belongs;in the hands of "We the People."

Jean is a woman of integrity who does not resort to name calling, which is the hallmark of Hugh Reynold's very existence. Without his catty style of writing he wouldn't have a job. Oh, that reminds me...he used to have another job, but that organization wised up enough to send him packing.

What are YOUR credentials for public service, Mr. Reynolds? Ms. Jacobs has spent thirty years volunteering thousands of hours for schools, the city of Kingston and countless other organizations. She is an amazing mother whose oldest son is in charge of the Security on Air Force One for the President of the United States of America! Wherever you see President Obama, there is her son next to him, saluting, protecting him and putting his own life on the line. Yes, Mr. Reynolds, what a "perennial loser" that American hero must have for a mother!

What do you do, Mr. Reynolds? What honor does your family bring to you? What honor do you bring to your family? When I lived in Kingston, you were the epitome of all I found offensive. You reveled in the small minded, petty, vicious gossip swirling around a small town in a poor attempt to cover the "good ol boys" and their games that are finally coming home to roost.

You used to attack me without provocation, as well, Mr. Reynolds. I used to take pity on you and your insults, distortions and lies, even though I found them painful. Let me say that your nasty fodder made me stronger. I've sung for the President of the United States live at the Kennedy Center Honors, sung for officials at the Russian and Belgian Embassies, performed each year on national television on the 4th of July with legends like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. And I worked personally on the governor's race in Maryland along the side of Mayor Giuliani.

Yes, I used to be the butt of your vicious comments, just as Ms. Jacobs continues to be. However, that gives me great hope for her success, because the real "perennial loser" here is you, Mr. Reynolds. You are who you are. A gossip monger who has stood still over time, while the rest of us you proclaimed as "losers", have gone on to build a life. You might try it sometime.


Jolie Dunham

Anonymous said...

E-L-L-I-O-T-T-N-E-S-S AUERBACH is a county gem, good thing we have him. I wonder what will be found there, watch Holly go lightly try and fight him on this one.

That's what I want the incumbent DA fighting against transparency on an election year. Let Elliott do his job or I'm voting for Sennett.

Anonymous said...

D.A. Holly Carnright as in Dumb Ass from now on he is Dumb Ass Carnright.

Also why does he call himself Holly when he was born David?

I have actually drunk texted him by mistake becasue he has the same name as a hot chick. He has really messed me up with his girly name.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is so nice to once again see the charming prose of Jolie Dunham as she comes to the defense of Jean Jacobs. Its the Jean and Jolie show, we missed it so. The upcoming campaign had all the markings of a classic, get the popcorn, sit back and watch the fireworks. Who possibly would have hoped that Jolie Dunham would make her return.

Wonderful, simply wonderful and it has only just begun . . .

Anonymous said...

Blaber, is Wadnola back yet?

Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC

Anonymous said...

Shane Gallo is a buffoon and does not have the support he covets and neither does "do nothin" Noble! Hayes Clement would be good i believe because he posesses some smarts and business savvy. He will get my vote as he has gotten from others on your blog Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there will be a Rep primary. Cahill's numbers seem too strong.

On the Dem side, the race was tight. I think it more likely that there will be a Dem primary. If it is a multiple person primary, it could be anyone's race.

Anonymous said...

I love you Jolie, please come home, we miss you so . . .

Anonymous said...

I think Hayes would be a mistake. I think Cahill beats Hayes in a close race. He also might be Noble if enough people tie Noble to Sottile.

It has to be Gallo or Donaldson, or Cahill could be Mayor.

Anonymous said...

10:20 Don't count your chickens yet... Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Woerner 2011!

Anonymous said...

Is Nicky really running? I would definitely vote for him. We need some young blood in office.

Anonymous said...

Woerner would make a great Mayor. He understands how goverment works. He knows all of the movers and shakers and he actually knows how to run a police department. The biggest plus that he will make sure Steve Aaron never builds anything every again!

Anonymous said...

Cahill is very intelligent and has a good head on his shoulders. He has my vote! Paul Wesolowski

Anonymous said...

A Safe Clean and Affordable City - vote Marchetti.

Anonymous said...

Weorner would be a disaster as mayor. If Weorner is so good, how come he got his head handed to him in Ulster? How can he run for office in Kingston if he lives in Ulster anyway? What is he some sort of carpet bagger?

Anonymous said...

9:47 - Take your head out of your ass! It's Woerner! Woerner lost in a Republican Town to a Republican who lied and bought himself an election. We all see how bad of a choice it was to vote for Quigley! Carpet Bagger? He grew up in Kingston, his grandfather was an Alderman and was the Party Chairman for decades. BTW Woerner was the party chairman too! There are plenty of homes for sale for cheap in Kingston. Maybe we should draft Woerner!

Anonymous said...

Cahill's good buddy - 100K plus benefits City Comptroller Tuey - did not do his job - he was paid to be a comptroller - a watchdog not a lap dog for political hacks. Cahill won't allow any posts on his blog questioning Tuey's performance.

Anonymous said...

Berardi won't run - as Hugh Reynolds said - he is too honest and straight-forward. Unusally kind and generous but useless against the ingrained political machinery.