Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dr. Benjamin

An interesting note, I had the privilege last week of running into Dr. Jerry Benjamin, a high ranking Suny New Paltz guy, former chair of the County Legislature and the so called mastermind of the Ulster County Charter.

I went and introduced myself to Dr. Benjamin and he said yeah your the guy with the website right? I was honored just that he knew who I was, we talked for a few minutes and he went on to tell me my name Blaber means to talk..I think he thinks my last name is spelled Blabber, with two b's not one.

Anyway, Benjamin's the type of guy that is so brilliant, I had a five minute conversation with the guy and didn't know by the end of it whether he liked me or was insulting me. I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Benjamin and am a huge fan of his daughter Liz Benjamin who is the host of Capital Tonight on ch.6.. Liz is is by far the number one personality covering politics in New York State right now, at least until I start covering Albany :~)


Anonymous said...

Would be an absolutely perfect cover for mad magazine. The man who put forth the worst charter in New York State. With what I know now about the cost for the Executives office (Dr. Benjamin doesnt teach math for sure), and the screw up with the reapportionment committee,I would never have voted for it. Lousy document, period.

Anonymous said...

I hear Benjamin came to caucus last week and beat up the Republicans because they moved money that was earmarked for Benjamin out of Auerbach's budget and into contingency.

He tried to convince them that he was hired to do something to help THEM.

So if he was working on something for THEM (the Legislature), why didn't the Legislature hire him, and why didn't they know anything about what he was working on.

And since when do vendors get to come in and tell the Legislature that they should fund their research?

Please, the man thinks who he is.

And you might want to get another picture. That one is not very flattering.

Anonymous said...

He was insulting you.

Newsman said...

He might have been lol, he gets a pass though.

Anonymous said...

If this is the study on inter-municpal and public service efficiencies, then the Legislature should damn well fund it. They are getting a huge bang for the buck if they heed the advice given in a report that will cover the entire region with multiple sponsors. What is wrong with them? Oh wait, I know, Wadnola is a fool!

Anonymous said...

Benjamin obfuscates anytime asked substantive questions. Classic Ivory Tower.

R I N O = Gerry Benjamin said...

Gerry Benjamin was & is the worst kind of Republican,,, a Rockefeller Republican which is like a Democrat.
His two wives are the MOST LIBERAL lefties i ever met !!!
One was at a Kevin Cahill Rally while Benjamin was Chairman of the UC Legislature & a GOP 'r. SHAMEFUL !

His SUNY classes were the most
B O R I N G, imagineable & he is a sarcastic, nasty guy when he "tries" to be "funny".

He is in Mike Hein's back pocket or vice versa.
NOT a friend of the GOP at all.

THAT is the best photo of this over-educated jerk you will find.
Goofy is too nice a word for Benjamin.
Check out who his friends are & that will tell you a lot.

Anonymous said...

8:21 and 8:26 got it right. For someone who's supposedly so brilliant, he wrote the stupidest charter ever. It's so stupid, that the legislature doesn't even know if they have the authority to vote on the reapportionment or not. And they also don't know if it's an up or down vote or if they get to re-work the lines. Don't you think that that's kind of important? Of all things to omit, he forgot one of the most important ones. I have no respect for the man - it's sad when idolatry dominates good judgment. Clearly, those who chose Benjamin felt they were getting the best and the brightest simply for the position he holds; it could very well be that he's incompetent there, too.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Benjamin is one of our best - but he led the UC Legislature in raising the local sales tax rate 25% from 3 % to 3 3/4% following IBM's Closure. He took care of the politicians and seems to have been rewarded accordingly.

Anonymous said...

After the hideous job Benjamin did in leading the Charter group, why in hell would anyone want to fund any project he was involved in.? Hos track record is awful. Save the money so Hein can hire yet another PR person. I dont think 2 are enough. Benjamin put absolutely NO RESTRICTIONS on how much the executive can spend on his staff. Meanwhile the 33 fools, collectively known as the UC legislature just sit around watching it happen. Some Charter.

Fatty McFatwitch said...

Rip up the charter, bring back Ward Todd and the Cigar shop uptown. Now that's what I call a Pike Plan ;)

Fatty McFatwitch

Anonymous said...

Benjamin did a good job and I think you and his daughter are both great resources for local poltics and I'm not just blowing smoke. In 5 years, you easily could be a force in state politics.

had enough?? said...

Elliott Auerbauch hired Benjamin, not the Legislature or the County Executive. No one was aware of this until the report, which no cared to read, was handed out. the legislature hired their own consultants to review the budget,

Anonymous said...

athe post by 1:41 AM clearly indicates that his or her bedtime is about !! PM, and they stayed up well past their sensible hour. Get a good nites sleep and see if you still think that this blogger has any hope.

Anonymous said...

"Jerry Benjamin was & is the BEST kind of Republican... a Rockefeller Republican"

There, I fixed it for you Butch.