Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sottile Steps Up To The Plate

photo by Clark Richters

I'm not interested in rehashing the Tim Matthews story, every newspaper has it and I just do not have the time or desire to write about it. I respect and like Det. Matthews and my views are partisan.

I did attend the press conference though that was held by Mayor Sottile and Tom Dinapoli. It was interesting. Read about what happened by clicking here---> DiNapoli Details Fraud.

During the press conference Mayor Sottile accepted full responsibility for what allegedly happened, when asked by a reporter whether or not he lost faith in Chief Keller over the scandal he stood up like a man and said that he was just as responsible for what happened as Jerry Keller and had full faith in the Chief's abilities moving forward. Sottile also made it clear that Keller did all the right things when this came to light, preserving evidence ect.

I am no fan of Jim Sottile but I give him a lot of credit for that, he easily could have passed the buck onto Keller and the department and he didn't. Mayor Sottile did the right thing, Chief Keller is an asset to Kingston and a damn good police chief and we are lucky to have his leadership.

Another more humorous part of the press conference that showed how scared D.A. Carnright is, was when Mayor Sottile was asked if the Matthews case had any influence on his decision not to seek reelection. Carnright who is running for reelection, thought the question was directed at him and turned white as a ghost... half the room looked at Jon Sennett who also attended the event and had a nice laugh at the District Attorney's expense...some may have been laughing with Holly but most like me, were laughing at him.

Good to see Shayne Gallo in attendance at yesterday's press conference, like the future D.A., the future mayor will have to deal with this issue and if nothing else find ways to make sure similar situations like this do not repeat themselves. Where was Hayes Clement and the other would be mayor candidates??


"L" said...

Where wuz my Daddy, Clint Brown?

Reppin Ward 4, Homey!!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were working? Unlike you, most people have jobs.

Andi Turco-Levin said...

My Facebook post from Monday Morning:

In Albany again for Realtor Professional Standards & Ethics training. Too bad they don't require this of politicians!

Anonymous said...

You need to wake up. Mathews is a crook advantage of the trust of the entire community and his department. If that is who you respect, you have no credibility. You can believe Holley is scared all you want but the bottom line is this thing has given him a platform to be in the papers multiple times a week for the next six months. And don't forget it is on a public integrity matter. Tough for Sennett to argue he doesn't prosecute public integrity when he is doing the largest integrity case this area has seen in years.

Annyomous said...

I find it very unprofessionally of you as a reporter to state that you "laughed" at an elected official at such an important press conference. I have more respect for you than that. Let's remember the real issue here.

Newsman said...

I don't understand would you rather I lied to you, I was being honest, sir.

Also let me point out that the blog title is very accurate to what you will find on this blog: News and Commentary. Yes, this blog provides great news but there is also my opinion which is the commentary part.


Newsman said...

BTW I do not know why it's coming up "newsman" and not my name.

Anonymous said...

A press conference is for the press, not for working people. Gallo was their because of his job for the city as counsel, duh!
The real question is, "Where was Gerry Gretzinger!"

Anonymous said...

So exactly how does Hayes qualify as a "working person"? What does he do for a living that kept him away. He certainly seems to be available for every other meaningless event.

Anonymous said...

Where was the Comptroller who is the 100K year watchdog?

Jacobs Live People for People said...

In response to the Press Conference at City Hall I was in attendance. I also spoke before the audience when questions were permitted from the floor by New York State Comptroller DiNapoli. I am a GOP candidate for Mayor in the City of Kingston and I have been and always will be a Community Activist working for the PEOPLE despite party affiliation for the last 35 years.