Thursday, August 02, 2007

More from the U.C. Fair

Jon Sennett talking with supporters
Rosendale Councilman, and Supervisor candidate Patrick McDonough with Alderman Madsen
Blaber stands inside the empty GOP tent
Blaber stands inside the empty Bradley tent
Blaber in the mobile office of NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo


Anonymous said...

Lenny Walker=Public Safety Layoff's

Anonymous said...

Blaber you're the best.

Anonymous said...

Blaber for Attorney General, 2020

Anonymous said...

JB, relax, leave Vince alone. I like you both don't make me choose.

Anonymous said...

He can't leave Vince alone. It seems that there may be some type of lust going on there. He is somewhat fixated on Jr. as we can all tell.

Anonymous said...


CB Love Child

Anonymous said...

This is David Lee Roth

When I am in Kingston the only one
that is cool enough to party with me
is Clint Brown

Anonymous said...

Let 'em choose Junior over you, Jeremy. Better than to sellout to the good old boys.

Good old boys = Good for Nothin

JoeyB said...

Clint Brown, the Preacher? JB, you got some regular losers here.

Jeremy Blaber said...

To the other JB, I don't know what the obsession is with Clinton Brown but what can I do..

Anonymous said...

Clint Brown is Kingston's favourite son. He IS our true Mayor, our Poobah, our Big Kahuna! I can't imagine "Our Kingston" without Clint.
Or is that Phil Cosme? Not to confuse the state of our city with Phil's TV show on Public Access, of course.

BTW, is Cosme still running for Mayor? What line will he be on, or will he be doing any lines with CLinton Brown?? Someone let us know!!!

Otto in Ontario, Formerly of Ponkhockie