Friday, August 31, 2007

Senator Clinton on Letterman-- Video

Here is part of the interview from Senator Clinton's appearance on Letterman for those who missed it.


Anonymous said...

Dave was throwing 29mph lollipop softballs.

No doubt her staff forwarded those questions to Dave ahead of time and lapdog Davey spewed her pablum just the way he was told to.

This was a staged event, Jeremy.
Made me sick.

Let's talk about illegal Chi-Com campaign contributions.

Do you have the guts to post this note? Or will it be deleted like you delete all my notes?

Anonymous said...

Hey moron,television has been staged for some time,what did you expect C span? And as for the so-called "illegal chi-com " issue you'd like to discuss,there's no story,no quid pro quo,no chinese government involvement,only a donor who skipped out on sentencing for an unrelated charge.So you might as well accuse all mailmen of funneling campaign contributions with the faulty logic you employ.

Anonymous said...

Nice try 8:11. You know the Clintons are dirty, very dirty. Hillary is finished. You'd better hope that Edwards or Obama can run a good campaign or your dream of a Democratic White House will be just that..A DREAM.

This is exactly why we need a 3rd party.

Try Again, you lose, 8:11. Next post, try working Larry Craig or Karl Rove into the post and it might have more effectiveness.

**The Independent blogger**