Sunday, August 05, 2007

U.C.D.W. Support Sennett for D.A.

The following is an endorsement from the U.C.D.W.

From prosecutor on the toughest streets in the nation (the Bronx), to one of the lead defense attorneys for the UC Public Defender's Office, to private practice, no other candidate in the race for UC District Attorney can match Democrat Jonathan Sennett's insight and depth of experience!

It is the District Attorney's job to lead. The many dedicated people in the law enforcement community, criminal justice system, and community at large deserve a D.A. who will provide them with the motivation, direction and support they need. In an era of increasing violence and offenses against special victims, Jonathan's progressive and innovative ideas for improving the criminal justice system are long overdue: from devoting more resources to child victims and those afflicted by domestic violence and sex crimes, to ending the draconian Rockefeller drug laws that waste precious resources

Jon is ready to put his vast experience to work for all of us, but he can only do it with our support. Join UCDW in supporting Jon and all our talented candidates.


Anonymous said...

Shocking development here!

JoeyB said...

So, Jon will not prosecute drug users and pushers? I think Sottile was correct, calling him a kitty cat.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Mr. Sennett absolutely will prosecute drug crimes... I don't have time to go into more detail (I will at a later time) but Mr. Sennett has a plan to deal with the drug problem and it most certainly will be a priority when he is D.A.

Anonymous said...

How in the world can a successful prosecutor from the Bronx not want to seek justice against gang members and drug dealers? Sennett is seeking a countywide position that will require a bunch of innovative solutions.

I just wished that as much energy be put into finding solutions for our county's problems as went into trying to back Bradley--a candidate who cannot seem to smile or leave people--who are not related to him--with a sense he can handle the job.

Anonymous said...

That nonsense about Jonathan not prosecuting drug dealers started with a Democrat, Bruce Tuchman (a junior supporter...what a surprise!).

repubs have tried to pick up on it, but it is bogus.

Jon clearly stated that he felt that sex crimes and domestic violence are much more pervasive and deserve more attention, merely a matter of prioritization. (And a sound prosecutorial philosophy, I might add.)

Here is Jon's quote from the crazy man Webb's tv show, that Tuchman claimed was Jon saying in a public forum that he will not prosecute drug dealers:


"...the former Bronx assistant district attorney declared the "war on drugs" a failure, promised to make sex crimes and domestic violence, rather than drugs and gangs, his top priority, argued for greater use of plea-bargaining to relieve pressure on the justice system and advocated alternatives to prison for youthful offenders.

"Gang activity is very serious, and gang-related crimes are having a great impact in some neighborhoods in Kingston and Ellenville in particular, though not exclusively," said Sennett on the show. "But domestic violence and sex crimes are occurring in every single hamlet in the county."


Tuchman is a dope. Jon has prosecuted more criminals, including drug dealers, than anyone else in the race.

Can you say "obfuscation" boys and girls?

Anonymous said...

Who is Ryan going to support?

Anonymous said...

Since when is a Democratic group endorseing a Democratic candidate news? Who are the idiots in charge? Jeremy your really desperate for news or your loosing it.

JoeyB said...

Where is the U.C.D.M?

guess who said...

"Since when is a Democratic group endorseing" endorsing "a Democratic candidate news?" The answer is obvious. It is since some who call themselves Democrats are backing a Conservative candidate. "Who are the idiots in charge? Jeremy your" you're "really desperate for news or your loosing" losing "it."
"Who are the idiots...?" A very good question!