Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Photo Blog

Here is a random photo blog that I put together of pictures that I have taken on the campaign trail. For some reason these have not made the blog and I finally have run out of room in my digital camera and I'm starting to clear it out.

Popular Fourth Ward Alderman Clint Brown at Kingston's Make a Difference Day
Supervisor Woerner and Blaber
Bad picture I took of Alderman-at-Large Noble and myself
A picture I took at Governor Spitzer's swearing-in ceremony on "Day One"
An autographed set of tires that I won at auction from our Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

Jody Edinger, Senator Bill Larkin and Blaber
Alderman Mike Madsen and Mary Williams


Anonymous said...

matsen with a woman???

Anonymous said...

I think that it is rediculious that you would spend money on a used tire signed by some small town pollitical moron

Jeremy Blaber said...

The auction was to benefit Assemblyman Cahill's reelection bid, so it was forfun and a good cause. However, I still have the tires....

Anonymous said...

Props to my nephew Clint Brown, OG, Original gangsta.

- Snoop Dogg

Anonymous said...

Yo Clint, pass the Dutch. Don't be frontin on me.


Anonymous said...

I endorse my man Clint Brown for Mayor.

Sheek Louch

Anonymous said...

Back then they didn't know him, now he's hot they all want him. Clint Brown for President!!

Mike Jones