Thursday, August 23, 2007


"I have a message to the drug dealers and people who participate in illegal activity," Sottile said. "When you think we don't know what you are doing, we do. When you think we are not watching, we are, and when you think we are not acting, we will every single time."
Mayor James M. Sottile

A large drug raid swept mid town Kingston this morning which lead to over 30 arrests and the complete shut down of 29 Henry, 55 Henry, 69 Henry, which where know homes that dealt in the sale of narcotics, these buildings have all been CONDEMNED. The arrest came after a two month investigation that included the URGENT Drug Task Force, the DEA, FBI and the ATF. Mayor Sottile was on the scene this morning when the raid went down, Sottile worked closely with law enforcement throughout the process.This was a long investigation that took several months and for obvious reasons we could not talk about it said Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller. More details to follow... a 1pm press conference is scheduled.

This is a significant blow to the drug dealers in Kingston, I think that Mayor Sottile and local law enforcement have sent a clear message that this type of crime will not be tolerated in the city and if it happens arrests will be made. I applaud the Mayor and the police for their efforts, it's clear that they are doing everything that they can to improve the quality of life in Kingston.

NOTE : The press conference at 1 pm is being held by Mayor James Sottile ;Supervisor Nick Woerner;Police Chief Keller;Under Sheriff Faluotico; Lt. Tim Matthews; D.A. Don Williams; as well as a representative from the DEA,

UPDATE : The search warrants yielded three rifles, a shotgun, and a .380 caliber handgun as well as quantity if crack cocaine in excess of 1/2 an ounce, a quantity of pills and approximately $7000.00 in cash. According to Sherriff Paul Van Blarcum 31 arrests have been executed.

The following agencies participated in the raid:

Kingston Police
Ulster County Sheriff's Dept.
Ulster County D.A.'s office
Town of Ulster Police
Ulster County Probation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Drug Enforcement Agency
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Town of Lloyd PD
Town of New Paltz PD
Town of Shandaken PD
Town of Saugerties PD
New York State Parole
New York State Police

Arrests made during raid :

Jonathan Jones 36, Kingston

Melvin Meeks 52, Port Ewen

Steffon Johnson 37, Kingston

Stephano Valles 23, Kingston

Heidi Tyrell 22, Kingston

Rhonda Gray 39, Kingston

Andre Paul 32, NYC

Derick Jones 25, Kingston ( buy and sell sting operation in Mayor's driveway)

Charles Smith 40, Kingston

Jerry Carpino 49, Kingston

James Bryant 64, Kingston

Richard Bullock 38, Kingston

Carlos Wood 34, Kingston

John Holloway Jr, 48, Kingston

David Roberts 44, Kingston

Mary Bullock 46, Saugerties

Anthoney Brodhead 34, Kingston

Gene Broadhead 28, Kingston

Christina Pinto 21, Kingston

Laura Cressey 54, Kingston

James London 79, Kingston

Katie London 65, Kingston

Samona Davis 30, Kingston

Noel Martinez 27, Kingston


Anonymous said...

My Hero!! Jim Sottile!

Anonymous said...

What?!? Crime on Henry Street!?! No way! Now, let's not get caught up in the moment, folks...

Who has been talking about the rising crime rate, and calling particular attention to Henry St? That would be Richard T. Cahill, Jr.

Who has, until very recently, been denying that there's been a rise in crime, particularly in mid-town?
That would be Jimmy Sottile.

But now he's going to take responsibility for the success of this raid!

Reminds me of when Al Gore claimed that HE invented the internet.

Anonymous said...

nice of jimbo to slip back into town in just enough time to take credit for the raid!

you'd have to be a moron not to notice that he stayed away while the scent of Mariners and the CSEA vote was still in the air, and then came back to this piece of positive press!

what a snake!

don't be fooled, kingston!

Anonymous said...

Big news draws big politicians like flies.

Anonymous said...

You people make me sick...Maybe you
want crime.



PS Have fun at you little silly rally!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Mitzvah Man Says

Looks like the usual suspects can't
say Sottile is not doing anything about crime. He is

Thank You Mayor

Anonymous said...

No I wont be fooled by

Ryan's Monday Night Sidekick

And the rest who have been unfair
to Mayor Sottile and Keller. Each of them should hang there heads in shame

Anonymous said...


Matt Ryan eats own words


Anonymous said...

I am proud of Dad


Anonymous said...

Bravo to the KPD and Chief Keller,
these raids take months of investigation and dangerous work. It is obvious that the KPD has been paying very close attention to Midtown for months.

Anonymous said...

As a single mom in midtown I just
want to thank the Kingston Police Dept and Mayor Sottile for helping
us right here in midtown. You guys
are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Is Henry Street in the Town of Ulster?

Why is litte Nic there?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sottile is Iron Tight on the crime issue, while
Rich "all talk" Cahill whines and complains. Hey, Blaber, at the press conference Clinton Brown and Shirley Whitlock where in attendance but Matt Ryan was MIA...maybe Ryan does not want to see real solutions.

Anonymous said...

Here we go! Webb, Cahill, Ryan, et al, will be taking credit for this. Sottile and Woerner helped with funding and manpower so I suppose they deserve some credit. This was just great police work. It took months to build these cases. How do you think these officers feel when the "bitch and gripe" squad goes off on channel 23? They could not utter a word! These cable program hosts have not a clue about probable cause, obtaining search warrants, etc.! These hyenas make me sick! The information they claim to give to the police is a day old and a dollar short. If they think the boys in blue don't already know what goes on they are dead wrong!It just takes time to build cases the correct way.

Anonymous said...

They can't take credit for it because those nuts had nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Sottile is the fucking man! Little dick is such a joke! Yeah, ditto, on the rally...have fun you losers lol lol lol lol

Anonymous said...

its funny now webb,cahill,ryan are saying see we told you there was a problem.what is the mayor and the chief suppose to say yes we know and there is going to be a raid on thursday morning at 6. that would not make sense,by them down playing it it gives the dealers a sense of we have nothing to worry about. when you do a bust you need to do surveillance and collect information and evidence,this way they can make the charges stick and put theses criminals away.if it were to the other bunch they would have charged right in with nothing and the criminals would have walked. good job mayor and police forces!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess when the Mayor said he was doing all he can, he meant it. Thank God this city has Jimmy Sottile as our mayor. I can sleep safe at night.

Anonymous said...

thank god we have mayor sottile!!!!!!! me and my family will be voting for him for another 4 years of great service. he cares about kingston and this proves it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i saw mayor sottile uptown today and i stopped and talked for a few minutes. what a pleasant man. i had a small problem and he was right on the phone and took care of it. i see mr cahill walking uptown and say hi and he waves and keeps on walking,doesnt even look at me.not someone that i want in office. if he cant take 3minutes to talk to me whats he going to do when he gets into office?

Anonymous said...

Sottile can take credit for only one thing--backing a losing candidate for Ulster County District Attorney.

Yankee James said...

EXCELLENT reporting Jeremy! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:39 Ryan is on channel 6 news giving a interview at the event and it's on every hour so get your facts stright before you speak and by the way I saw him there at 6:45 am . may i also stress that mrs Whitlock never made it to the make a difference day the childrens parade or the crime night at block park so be careful before you through stones at people.

Anonymous said...

Good to see everyone is so happy with the mayor and the police chief lets just forget about the sixteen year old boy shot to death or the women hit with a baseball bat and stabbed or the guy robbed and then stabbed in the shoulder or the guy that went to help a women in distress and got stabbed in the neck glad to know that was all planned and o.k. to wait for this big sting operation today !!please tell that to all the victims and the bullet ridden cars and homes on Henry street while our Mayor suns himself at the florida beaches and our police chief gives up and puts the blame on poverty.
A City of only 24,000 shouldn,t be having these kinds of problems Why no leadership, and it was only two months ago the mayor and the police chief were touting their crime stats were down by 11% bulls---. Jeremy your crime spurt has just become a river and I hope all three of you Blaber, Sottile and Keller go down it head first.

Yankee James said...

These guys deserve a huge round of applause for putting their lives on the line each and every day!

GOOD JOB clearing the streets of some SCUM!

Anonymous said...

to 3:51 PM

Nickie can only dream of crime like that in Ulster!

Anonymous said...

It so much harder to actually do the job than it is to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, who do you pay to write this sorry bullshit for you and sotile, I CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT sure with a gun under my pillow. and you the people fall for this crap.

Anonymous said...

Hurry Hurrt step right up and see the greatest show in Kingston a three ring circus starring Mayor Sottile as the ringleader and in this ring Shirley Whitlock who will say yes to anything the mayor tells her to say or do, and in this ring the amazing police chief Keller who has turned himself from crime fighter to urban renewl expert and finally in this ring Sottile himself actually does something in midtown after four years in office, without a drink in the other hand. now that's entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Hey, 11:33pm!

I hope you have a permit for that handgun under your pillow. Otherwise, Super Jimmy might see it with his X-rated... uh, I mean X-ray vision, come busting down your door and sieze it!

Anonymous said...

The "bitch and gripe" group have not said the Police were not doing their job. The "stand and alert" group has said our police are undermanned in Kingston. They have asked for more police- consistently. They have praised Project Urgent and the wrok it is doing.

Our force has not expanded in 30 years. We ask more of them every year and give them less.

Does it strike anyone else how "convenient" the Mayor's return was? His vacation happened to end right before the raid?

This is great work by all the law enforcement involved. Project Urgent is protecting us and the over-worked members of Kingston's finest, Don't stop now, please. The stabbings and beatings and repeated gunfire must stop.

Thank you Project Urgent.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the undue influence of the mentally deficient in the UC court system doesn't let these guys walk.The grand jury is out of compliance with the law and the conservatives don't care if they do shoddy work.If I were to be their lawyer I could easily get them off.But don't worry about me,worry about your "green acres" folk and their apparent inability to understand the law.This is just one reason I support Sennett.Bringing the DA's office into compliance with the law will be his first detail I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

But the TOU PD got to use their brand new TASER !

Now the KPD will want them.

Anonymous said...

Where was no-show-Shirley-Whitlock and what has she done? can anybody answer this question? she has not been seen in our ward or at my door I DID NOT SEE HER ON CHANNEL 6 NEWS LAST NIGHT does she even know there's a crime problem in Midtown? does she have a clue?

Anonymous said...

O.K., let's get real. The execution of the sweep was not timed to fit into any particular vacation schedule or anything else political...period. I found it interesting to see the group on Henry and Broadway at that hour of the morning. The news travels fast when something of this magnitude goes down. It doesn't matter who carrys signs, spews up on cable t.v., the job will get done. This is the first time a county wide task force has been assembled and it is working. The Sheriff promised all the residents of Ulster County (not just Democrats or Republicans) last year this would happen. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Woerner has done an excelent job working with his police department. Maybe all of the other elected officials in the county can take a lesson. For the people that criticize him; you just can't grasp that a 23 year old is smarter than you.

ha ha

Anonymous said...

Come on Jeremy, it is naive to think and say Sottile shut down crime in Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if this anti-Sottile post sees the light of day on Jeremy's blog.

Jim Sottile is not a leader. He polarizes people, instead of bringing them together. When you have Democrats thinking about voting for the Republican candidate and unions supporting the republican candidate...there is a serious problem.

Jeremy you being cheerleader for Sottile is an unwise position to take.

Anonymous said...

So Nickie Weorner is now smarter than everyone else? Interesting post.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Sottile was not on vacation [in Florida] but rather he planning the drug and weapons raid at his "southern command post" in sunny Florida as El-rush-bo would call it.

Pete Mack said...

Seeing a lot of these posts, I can see the Mayor's job is a thankless one.

Good job, Mayor Sottile. Your efforts to clean up the city are greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping to make the city a safer place for us and our children.

Thanks to Chief Keller, the KPD, UC Sheriff, and the URGENT task force.

Anonymous said...


The issue is not that the raid was timed, but that Sottile's return was timed. Surely, a mayor is informed that a major op like this will be taking place in his city.

He wasn't around, and showed up special for this. If you say, "No way!" then riddle me this:

What kind of mayor doesn't know that drugs are being sold on his own property?

Or, maybe he does know. OK then,

What kind of mayor allows drugs to be sold on his own property?

Anonymous said...

I just bought some rocks on Van Burean Street. No problem. Well, gotta go smoke some crack. Nice try URGENT, Mayor Sottile. Nothing changes, ever.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Shirley Whitlock has several yard signs posted outsid known drug dealer houses? is she crazy Shirley crack is wack!!

Anonymous said...

No that's not true, but it is true that Whitlock has a lot of signs in Ward 4...way more then Ryan has. Ryan is such a loser.

Anonymous said...

What does Shirley Whitlock stand for? we the voters do not have a clue she has not said a word about crime or what her solutions are to curb it who is she voting for for DA? IS SHE EVER GOING TO SPEAK UP AND ADDRESS THE ISSUE'S?.

Anonymous said...

torn between two canidates feeling like a fool wanting Sottile and Sennett is breaking all the DEMOCRATIC rules,
Now Shirley gone to Bradley, whats Jeremy gonna do LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE IS LOOKIN LIKE A FOOL.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Mr. Ryan stop hiding behind anonymous, Shirley Whitlock has not endorsed Vincent Bradley or Jonathan Sennett for that matter. Speaking of no shows, how come you did not attend the press conference that URGENT, the mayor and D.A. Don Williams put on that detailed a 7 month investigation that took place primarily in your ward? Could it be that you were grandstanding with Ch.6...see how far that gets you this November.

Anonymous said...

That is kinda funny Mr.Blaber considering Shirley Whitlock has been MIA for the Make a Difference Day for the Childrens Parade for the Night Out against crime at block park, the Safest City Rally, the Henry Street Action Committee Meetings The Midtown Neighborhood Watch Meetings now lets see how that affects her in Nov sir.

Anonymous said...


I noticed that you changed your original quote from Chief Keeler. You originally reported that he said that the raid took "two months" to prepare. But you've revised your article, so that now it says that the chief said that it took "several months".

Why did you change his words? Perhaps because your friend, Jimmy, was out of town for most of the past two months, so it was obvious he had nothing to do with this raid?

Jeremy Blaber said...

The quote was never changed...try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Sottile's statement should of ended with "and we will return in 4 years." Come on mayor, you do not even cross these people's minds on any given day. They have no fear of you. Make yourself known like Newark's mayor. Show them that you will not tolerate crime in your city. This city is falling apart. You cannot tell me that you are a proud man when you ride down Broadway.You need to take leadership.