Friday, August 31, 2007

Walgreens Breaks Ground Next Month

Walgreens will break ground next month at the old bus garage on Broadway, Mayor James Sottile has been instrumental in cleaning up that site and addressing the hazardous conditions that held up the project. So, not only is the community going to have a new drug store that will make it more convenient for senior citizens who live in the area but a major environmental hazard has been corrected.


Anonymous said...

Just what we need, another drugstore. Yippie!

The trolley barn, like the old post office are gone forever.

I don't miss the Econo-Wash, though, so maybe there's some good about this project.

Skeptical Sal on Wurts Street.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How convenient, they are FINALLY going to break ground a month before the election. Why is it the only projects that go up in a timely manner have been the "affordable" housing projects?

That and the Steel House, a hotbed for drugs, fights and drunks. Another Sottile success.

Let's see if they break ground in OCT. Does that make sense with winter right around the corner? Or is this another desperate spin trying to convince us the Mayor is working hard?

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Walgreens adaptively reuse the trolley barn? Another part of Kingston's past lost forever. The Steel House? What a waste--lousy food, poor service, and a low-life clientele! Hopefully, it will go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Why don't we legalize drugs and gentryfy the dealers. Do it all at a central location.
Call the place a DRUGSTORE and the dealer a DOCTOR, and the addict then would logically become a PATIENT.
OOPS, silly me my wife says we already have this system. Where have I been? I guess working my ass off to pay for insurance...

Anonymous said...

The Steel House really does suck. Overpriced drinks, and the food is the quality of a TV Dinner.

I won't be going back.

Anonymous said...

The last ground breaking is still a hole in the ground on Abeel Street after the City "loaned" the developer many many thousands of dollars.

So take another picture with all the officials in their hard hats and holding the golden schovels.

The pictures will at least look good on the office wall.