Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senator Clinton on Letterman Tonight

Senator Hillary Clinton will be on the Late Show w/ David Letterman tonight on CBS. If you have a chance tune in to watch our next President at 1130pm. On a side note, Mayor James Sottile has been appointed to serve on Hillary Clinton's Mayoral task force, more on that later........


Anonymous said...

Hey Blab,

Hillary has been endorsed by CSEA...LOL.

Anonymous said...

But, I'm sure the rank and file do not support her.

Anonymous said...

What is up with the Clintons and Chinese contributors. When I heard the flop regarding Hsu, I though, here we go again

Anonymous said...

She may also receive the endorsement of the American Federation of Magicians. --Something about her ability to make people disappear.

Anonymous said...

CBS = Communist BroadcaSting

Our next president will be Rep. Tom Tancredo R-Co and then all of you commie pink-panty waving cowards will cry foul for 8 more years. David Letterman is a Communist. You, Jeremy, are a Communist. And of course, All Clintons who seek the office of President are communists.

Jung Yi....
the ANTI-Mao`'
Reminding everyone to recognize Taiwan as its own country.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so that's why Jimmy is intent on turning Kingston into the social service capitol of the regiom... to score points with Billary!

How do you feel about THAT, Kingstonians? Your tax dollars are shelled out to invite more and more social service providers and establish a sizable welfare community (and all of the crime such a community creates) so that the Dishonorable "Jimmy" Sottile can curry favor with the Clintons!

He is ruining the value of your real estate. He is keeping a more productive type of citizen from wanting to come here. Most horribly of all, he is putting the safety of your children at risk. All of this, for his own political gain!

How much longer will you allow him to do this to you?

Anonymous said...

3:58 pm Give me a fuckin' break. Sottile is twice the man that you are.

Anonymous said...

Gentification makes property values go up,not down and with the new influx of smarter people,there are a lot of us who don't work and would be accused of being a recipient of entitlement policies by these struggling conservatives who want to blame their hardship on us rather than to face the reality that their limited intellects have rendered them obsolete.If you don't like it then fix it,good luck though you dim-wits had control of Ulster Co. for a long time,a little late to complain now.

Anonymous said...

3:58. judging by the latest pictures, he may be thrice the man you are. :-) Oh, this is not a who's heavier match.

Anonymous said...


OK, when you don't have anything substantive to say about the points made in an argument, resort to ad hominem attack!

The fact is that the quality of life in Kingston continues to plummit in direct proportion to the influx of these bottom-feeders that rely to a greater or lesser - or absolute - extent on your tax money and mine. Their arrival in Kingston is made possible by the ever-increasing number of public and private social service organizations here in the city.

The Clintons have made the perpetual growth of this industry their life's work and their legacy. YOU cannot walk through parts of your city - or maybe even through your own doorway, depending upon where you live - because of what they and their supporters have done.

Jim Sottile is one of those supporters, and it isn't hard to see that his cart blanche invitation to these people and the organizations that supply them with "services" is exactly what Billary admires in him!

People don't really believe that all the "for sale" signs city-wide is all about property values and tax rates! Dutchess County tax rates are through the roof and have been for a long time... yet there is no "flight" problem there!

If you really love Kingston so much that you intend to live in a certain house for the rest of your life and then pass it on to your children, who cares what it's worth in $$ to someone else? It's worth a fortune to you because it's where you built a life with your spouse, where you witnessed your kids grow to maturity, where you entertained dear friends.

The "for sale" signs are not about property values or about taxes! They're about hard working people getting disgusted with the low-lives walking among us and selling their poison and spreading their anti-culture... pushing it in our faces, all the while getting the very things FOR FREE that you and I must earn. Most Dutchess County residents are content because they keep their underclass basically confined to Metro-North station cities like Beacon and Poughkeepsie.

Is THAT your ultimate goal, Kingstonians?... To become the Po-Town of Ulster County? That seems to be the ultimate goal of Jim Sottile.

As much as they preach tolerance of this cancerous element of society, notice that the Clintons don't go anywhere near those areas; they live in the most posh section of Westchester!

So, maybe there is hope for Jimmy. He's "keepin' it real" by staying among us... and dabbling in the anti-culture!

Plessy Ferguson

Anonymous said...


I take it from your emotional, unresponsive reaction to my comment that you realize it is true!

Only, don't get mad at me! Get mad at the problem and at Sottie for betraying your trust by using his office to curry favor with Clinton! Get mad enough to fix it and get rid of him!