Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Len Bernardo TV Ad Directly Goes After Hein---Unfairly and Ineffectively

The ad is ok but I think it will have little effect. It talks about the problems with Ulster County but does not show how Len Bernardo will create solutions. I also do not feel that people buy that all the counties around us are doing great except for Ulster. Ulster certainly has it's issues but they are the same issues that are going on in Dutchess, Greene, Columbia ect.. these issues have to do with a tough state economy.

As for trying to tie Mike Hein as some good ol' Boy it's crazy, Hein is a reformer and as apolitical as a candidate for public office can be. Anyone that knows Hein knows that he is not a politician but an effective administrator. It's unfair on Bernardo's part to try and portray Hein otherwise.

I also do not know why Bernardo is mentioning and using Mike Hein in his ad...it's like politics 101...never mention your opponent and if you do, you certainly do not use such a great photo of him...thanks for the free plug Len!


Anonymous said...

Unfairly? Come on.

Its a great Ad.

Anonymous said...

Whether we like it or not, Hein IS part of the political establishment. He has not done enough to distance himself from the good old boys network and that's a fact.

He was in the Treasurer's office during the jail debacle and now is in the Administrator's office during these recent years of job losses and no growth.

Is it all his fault? Of course not. But he's been hanging out on the 6th floor of the county building for five years. Some of it - some of the problems, are his fault.

Hein needs to run a campaign against the system. He needs to differentiate himself from the Democratic establishment the way Bernardo is differentiating himself from the old guard Republicans.

Anonymous said...

want a tissue?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

The ad is excellent.

Mike Hein was part of the administration that brought forth the jail. One of his jobs was to review payments being made. Why is it we never heard him complain or even utter a word of protest until after he became a Democrat and decided to run for office?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cahill stop sucking Bernardo's ass. What are you looking for a county job. Your skills as an attorney certainly would put this county on the right track ;0

Anonymous said...

If Bernardo was running against Republicans instead of being one, I'd consider him. That picture of him and his wife with Bonacic last year is worth a thousand negative words. Independant? I don't think so. Just a straw man for the gop.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop the crying!!

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

While you can argue about fairness, determining its effectiveness before the ad has even aired is ludicrous. Effectiveness is determined by whether or not his support base expands after viewing the ad. Trying to prognosticate how effective it will be at this stage is like trying to determine if an unborn baby will grow up to be a good lawyer or doctor.

Unless you are a Prophet sent from Heaven, neither you (nor anyone else) has the ability to decide how effective the ad will be.

As to fairness, that is very simple. Does Mr. Hein stand by the political machine, the Establishment to which he owes his livelihood or not? If he does not, the ad is not fair. All he needs to do is publicly distance himself from those who run the Machine.

He has not done so, thus far.

Moreover, he - as County Administrator - should have and (if he had the talent and ability) could have avoided the very problems which were spoken of in the ad. Conclusion: he is either not capable of fixing what ails Ulster County or he is unwilling to do so. Take your pick, either way he is wrong for this position.

Len Bernardo is the only rational choice for Ulster County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Bonacic beat the crap out of the Republicans over the jail. When Bonacic announced that Len was running for County Exec at the Hillside, he also gave all the Republicans a piece of his mind about what happened over the jail.

Bonacic was in no way tied to the jail. The people who were involved with the jail were not happy with Bonacic that night.

So your point of Bonacic somehow being tied to the jail, then tying Bernardo to the jail is sort of ridiculous.

Joe Bubel said...

5:57, now what does your statement say about your judgement? You like what Bernardo stands for, but just because he has the republican line, you won't vote for him? If he were running AGAINST a republican, then you WOULD vote for him? This is the same mentality that reelects good old boys in the first place. Just look at Sottile. You and many like you, need to get OVER the hate all republican, and start to vote according to the issues.

Anonymous said...

Well, it did not take long for Mr. Bernardo to go negative. That ad smacks of the State GOP and the 42nd District's Senator.

I think it is a sad commentary about our political system that we can't have a single campaign without nasty attack ads. Worse yet is the fact that the electorate doesn't reject the candidates that insist on negative campaigning.

Negative attacks on one's opponent are a sure sign of having nothing positive to say about one's own candidacy.

Sadly,you will get what you pay for.


Anonymous said...

Well Joe, it says that despite what Bernardo says, I don't trust him to not follow in lockstep with the Republicans and that if I knew he was not part of their team, I could consider voting for him. My judgement is based on the historically proven track record of the GOP. The opposite kept Sottile in office. The GOP is an albatross that needs to be thrown overboard. I see Bernardo's run as just a sham. Btw, despite your claims that reading these blogs is a waste of your time, the improvement in your writing shows that this past year's worth of posting has really paid off.

Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill must be heavily medicated when he forgot who backed the jail project. Too bad we wasted millions of dollars and no one went to jail. Didn't they call it mismanagement or incompetence rather than criminal? Just what taxpayers want hear about oarty leaders in charge of the county checkbook.

The jail was brought forth by the republican party. Why is it that under republican leadership contractors made up their own legal documents that often were rubber stamped by the county.

Under Hein there is a totally new contract approval process.

Bernardo is lying about the 50 percent tax increase. When Hein took office he inherited a 38 percent tax increase and the jail project.

Anyone care to do research on how much republicans ran up taxes in the past 25 years?

Jeremiah said...

Unfairly and Ineffectively....Wrong again. I won't write anymore because you will just delete it anyway.

Anonymous said...

8:01, I would encourage you to meet Len Bernardo and then make up your mind.

Give him a call at his headquarters 626-7700.

He (as Mike Hein will as well) be at all of the League of Women Voters debates.

Go out and see for yourself.

If my opinion counts for anything, he is interested in bringing jobs to our area, and in lowering taxes.

The previous administrations (and administrator) did not make this happen. He will.

cc: ulster politics

Anonymous said...

To 5:57pm

Bonacic is more independent than you think. Why would the now disgraced Spitzer try to recruit him otherwise?

Anonymous said...

To Publius,

How so?

Anonymous said...

Bonacic also went after Bruno. Like him or not, nobody can accuse him of being a suck up.

Spitzer tried to hire him, Bruno tried to dump him, the Democrats aren't opposing him. Must be doin' something right.

Anonymous said...

Take it from me, a lawyer in Ulster County, Rich Cahill is a damn good attorney who is well respected.

Anonymous said...

What will Rich Cahill and Lenny "The Loser" Bernardo have in common after election day????

Answer: The both will be LOSERS!!!

YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

The people have spoken about you, Mr. Cahill, and soon they will speak, in an independent voice, for Lenny by voting for MIKE HEIN.

D. Demmson

Anonymous said...

11:32 Ahh....trust an attorney's word in Ulster County? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Cahill stop writing flattering comments about yourself. You would not know how to find a court room in this county. Come clean.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Hein supporter. The substance of the ad is BS, but the quality of the presentation is excellent.

Time to show the accomplishments under Hein as well as his human side. I know that he is doing tremendous work in preparing for the possibility of a harsh Winter for Ulster County residents as they struggle to pay their oil and food bills.

Anonymous said...

What's he doing 3:58? Taking up a collection for blankets and sweaters?

Allan Wikman said...

My response early this morning to following Ulster Politics thread...

Desperate, Destitute, Divided Dems Do Push Poll
By Ulster Politics(Ulster Politics)
The poll, in case anyone cares attempted to say Len Bernardo was part of the jail fiasco. NONSENSE. First, when the jail fiasco was going down Len Bernardo was busy running a 350 person company and Mike Hein was “busy” being Deputy ...
ULSTER POLITICS - http://ulsterpolitics.blogspot.com/ --------------------------------
Ahhhhh, silver threads among the gold.

Imre [FYI "Imre Beke"], I thought you, among the civically-wise would know better than to criticize Hein's "machine," knowing he has but TWO BOSSES to satisfy, whereas Len has THREE: Independence, Conservative and Republican.

I mailed you my platform. Did you get it? Did you READ it? CAN you read? You write fairly well. I respect most of the stuff you spout; I might imagine you would KNOW that I am the ONLY one of the three candidates WITH a platform... a bit old...a year and a half. EACH of my 19 planks is doable, if radical judging by present day political machinations.

More important, EACH of the 19 is a PROMISE I make to my 182,000 bosses: the people, on penalty of forfeiture of 25 percent of my salary. Read my "Contract With the People." It lays out all the details.

I first announced my candidacy in APRIL, 2007, before it was a gleam in Bernardo's eye. Hein was licking his chops: his mentor had PROMISED him it would be a piece of cake.

I am the ONLY PURE (as Hugh Reynolds anointed me) i ndependent candidate for county executive. Len LIES in his TV (voice over) suggesting that he is an "independent." He is a TRI PARTY BOY.

As for dedication, where was Bernardo, to say nada of Hein, while I, since I arrived in Ulster County October, 1998, have attended 90 percent of all county legislature meetings...to the bitter end?

Where were the voters? is a better question that has bothered me all that time.

THAT'S why I'm running. To give this broken down government of ours back to the people...in FOUR MEASURABLE WAYS. If, Imre, you READ my platform you should remember.

Someone in this thread referred to a "good lawyer." THAT, as the expression, "political science" is an oxymoron.

For your and everyone's elucidation, 9:17: [FYI: this is I suppose typical nomenclature in this/these blog(s)] I was in the County Office Building surrogates judges' chambers the October 2007afternoon "Chef" Mike presented the 2008 budget. It was HE, Chef Mike, HIMSELF,who coined that self-encomium, which later Dave Donaldson picked up for his State of the County Message and, by repetition, got into the generous jargon and ultimately became an unchecked "factoid" and journalistic TRUTH in the "BIZ.com" hard copy magazine you quote.

I was amused and honored to read that within the thread one individual (for reasons I can't fathom - have we met kind sir?) put "Wikman" in second place...when in all truth I haven't even been "approved." That is, my PETITION (My ballot line, folks is: 1776 The Birthday Party).

You all should know that my anonynimity is NOT BY DESIGN: i ndependent candidates suck hind tit - WE must WAIT for the PARTY candidates to get THEIR petitions signed; only then may WE hit the sidewalks (but that is another book you'll have to read).

Thus, I'm hanging in campaign limbo, although I fully expect to be validated before the week is up.

Then you may all meet me at the debates: Ulster Chamber of Commerce (Tuesday, September 23 at 7:30 AM - stet.)and four League of Women Voters'. It'll be a blast!

Bring your asbdestos suits. Gonna be sparks...and blood on the napkins.

Meantime, visit my website:


And, CALL ME about ANYTHING - 845 + 802-0403.

PS: Here's a juicy truth for you -
I've wondered these many months just what went through Mike Hein's mind when he asked stellar citizen-philanthropist and renowned Kingston CPA, Bill Berardi, for his endorsement, only to be told, "I'm supporting Allan Wikman." I believe Mike's response was something akin to, "You're doing WHAT?"

Anonymous said...

what's BS about it 3:58.

did your taxes somehow not go up?

Anonymous said...

Len the IDA wants its money back for your "tourist attraction." You promised jobs and failed to deliver. You took taxpayer money. Why does such a successful businessman need taxpayer money?

If your roller rink is a tourist attraction, the Ulster County Jail is a bed and breakfast because people stay overnight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you never see any of the presidential candidates mention their opponents name in an attack add. You a a bit out of fate if you think that is still politics 101. Maybe in the 70's