Tuesday, September 09, 2008

No Excuses

The Schreibman's went to court and sued the BOE, wasting tax payer dollars because they did not like where they were placed on the ballot. Some how they won and are now at the top of the ballot so there is no excuse tonight when Rich and Jenna win. Let me ask, is it not sad that you have to rely on where your name is on the ballot to try and win an election? Your friends and supporters can not look for you name on the ballot and vote for you? Give me a break!

I think the most despicable aspect of the lawsuit, the part they lost, was when Julian and Shannon tried to force a candidate back on the ballot, the poor kid decided that he did not want to run and declined his spot. Julian and Shannon sued to have his name put back on the ballot because his absence hurt their ticket. These people have no shame.

Gardiner Committee Vice-Chair Tim Hunter also whined and tried to attack BOE Commish John Parete by saying Ben Shore's placement on the ballot was some how politically motivated.. that was shot down when GOP Comish Tom Turco responded : "There are no political favors coming out of this office."


* Marbletown, District 2: Marlene D. Carney

***** Marbletown, District 3: Richard Parete, Jenna Knudsen****

* Marbletown, District 4: Linda Delgado, Judy Hakam.

* Marbletown, District 5: Patricia Garland, Michael Bockelman

* Marbletown, District 7: Patricia Vaughn

Dem Commitee

* Woodstock, District 5: Christopher Collins, Sheila Isenberg,

* Woodstock, District 6: Don Gregorius, Linda Miller-DeGregorius.

*****NYS Assembly 99th GOP, IND, CON, --- ASSEMBLYMAN GREG BALL*****

NYS ASSEMBLY 102nd Dem Primary ---- Jonathan Smith

NYS ASSEMBLY Working Families 101ST OTB --- Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

NYS Assembly 100th District--- Frank Skartados


Anonymous said...

Look on the brite side. Now JS can say he won a case in Ulster County.

Anonymous said...

Julian... Ulster County's Diamond Jewel.


Anonymous said...

they were within their legal rights to challenge their placement on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you were supporting Collins and Isenberg. The voters who have seen them in action in Woodstock definitely had their say. Don's antics also did not go unnoticed.