Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Schreibman's Continue Their Dirty Politcal Tricks

The following are e-mails from two members of the Marbletown Committee, explaining some of the latest shenanigans that are going on by Julian and Shannon Schreibman. The actions of the Schreibman's is very disturbing and it's more of a reason why they can not lead the party.

Keep in mind Julian and Shannon have been involved in our party for about 10 minutes and with no accomplishments, now want to lead it. We are seeing a glimpse of what will happen if they succeed in taking over the party. The consequences are also costly under a Schreibman chairmanship, If Julian is elected chair you can say goodbye to the Democratic majority in the legislature next year. I can almost hear Mario Catalano licking his chops.

Tonight a sad and terrible thing happened at the Marbletown Democratic Comm. Democracy was tabled. At the primary last week, Linda Delgado and I each received 33 votes in Ed 4 IN MARBLETOWN. Having been on the Committee for 12 years, I demurred(sp?) to Linda and gave up any claims to my seat. However, according to county comm. bylaws, a tie in any election denotes a vacancy. This vacancy is usually filled by the town comm. and confirmed by the county comm. at the convention. Here's where the democratic process went south. At the meeting tonight, after heated and passionate discussion, the comm. voted 9 to 3 to seat Ben Shor rather than Linda. The reasons cited were his prior service. It did not seem to matter to the comm. that he lost in his own district with 20some votes. It did not seem to matter to the comm. that Linda received 33 votes in the district where she has lived and operated a business for 30+ years and had been involved on the comm. in the past and has been a recent fund raiser for Mary Work and M. Hinchey. Tho this action adhered to County by-laws it seems rather unethical and very undemocratic. I sincerely hope that the county convention does not vote to seat Ben Shor in ed 4. He was not elected by the electorate. I am sure that when the writers of the by-laws wrote this section, they meant that the comm. would settle the tie by voting on the persons who tied, not place a person who lost their seat in another district. Please forward to all your lists. This injustice should not prevail. Personally, I sever all ties with this self serving committee. until this travesty is rectified .

Judith Hakam,255-4166

Hi folks
Just an FYI - A few committee people called me this week to let me what was afoot. Shannon Scheibman pooled the committee during the week because she intended to appoint some one else to the committee. Marty Green is an associate member so she voted and the rest of the clique voted. It was 9 to 3 for Ben Shore and I know who the 3 are who would not go along with Scheibman/Green's back room politics.
So the guy with the least votes got appointed to the slot. It was an education in local sleaze politics. Several new and very interested town's people walked out.
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We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.
Prof. Randy Pausch


Anonymous said...

Jeremy maybe thats why people should not vote for any Dems if they do this to their own imagine what they are doing to the taxpayers. Print this

Joe Bubel said...

Sounds fair. Why vote for the 2 who split the vote, and would obviously create a divide. Vote for someone outside the tie, and backers of either tied candidate can be unified in their objection or unified in the backing of the appointed. Eiter way, they are a unified majority.

You realize this is taken right from the Political Playbook of the Elect Obama Committee? Don't you? The Obamabots usurped every caucus during the primaries, in order to get the delegates needed to overcome HRC's popular primary votes.

Here is some good reading:

Anonymous said...

Bubel, you know nothing. Shor lost because he orchestrated the split. He is the LAST person that should have been put in that spot. Stick with your Republicans for internal matters that you may know something about.

Bubel said...

Sorry, you can't hear sarcasm in type. But the second paragraph and on is true.

john parete jr said...

As a new committee member I wasn't even told there was a meeting. They must have only "poled" those who they knew can't think for themselves. How are you Joe? If you knew what kind of creeps these people are, you wouldn't think this was just. The two ladies who tied are nice ladies, the guy they are trying to appoint is a joke that thinks he's important. Take a simple look at the integrity of Julian, he just tried to indict a guy in the jail mess knowing the statue of limitations had expired, hoping that it would not be noticed. Regardless of your feelings about the jail, this is unethical behavior from an official in the justice system. No wonder he was booted from the DA's office.

Joe Bubel said...

Hi John, doing good man. I take your word as gold.

I was really joking, only trying to make a connection between the justification used by the BHO Camp, to use underhanded methods to downright fraud, to take the nomination from Clinton.

Anonymous said...


Shore was not even in the district where the tie was.

Mr. Parete I could not agree more.

Think of it this way, Julian's only experience as an executive was leading the jail investigation, the most important matter in our time and he failed miserably! Now he wants to lead our party during the most important election of our time????? Are you kidding me... I'm with your Dad all the way...proven leadership for the party!

Anonymous said...

I will never support Shcriebamn for county chair after this. I like the recently announced candidate Roy Hochberg, fair,smart,no power agenda and even tempered. A perfect candidate for the majority party in the county.