Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Blog from UCDW Picnic

The future first and second family of Ulster County. From Left Christine and Mike Hein, Judi and Elliott Auerbach

Mike and Lew

Obama Stumps with Auerbach
One Smart Pup
Canines for Auerbach (Brian Shapiro would be proud)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that dog will vote for somebody on election day.

Anonymous said...


Quigley was supposed to be the sure winner and now it looks like Hein/Auerbach.

I don't see Bernardo and Quigley at all. I keep hearing Bernardo's running some tv commercial, but I have not even seen it.

I'm more confident than ever that we are going to have an across the Board Democratic wins except for the State Legislature, although Kevin (Cahill) will clean Ms. No's clock.

Anonymous said...

That photo of Lew & Mike says it all !!!

Good ol' Boys,, thick as thieves !!

Disgusting,,, I say CHANGE NOW !!

Out with the old school,, there is a new agenda in Town,

Bernardo - Quigley,,, or at least just BERNARDO !!!