Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fair and Balanced?

No story here just a classic context of this picture. At that moment we were having a conversation over whether or not I was fair and Balanced. (My Hein shirt clearly displayed) I was explaining to Reynolds the news is fair and the commentary balanced.


Anonymous said...

You're not fair and balanced and neither is Reynolds. Must have been some conversation.

Anonymous said...

Any other pictures?

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Now you're stretching it so far, it darn near breaks.

As far as the news is concerned, you do two things, Mr. Blaber: you report only those items which help the candidates whom you support and you editorialize about the "news" item, taking it rather clearly out of the "news category" and into "op-ed."

As for "comment," your comment leans very strongly to one side, making it far from balanced. You might have a case for making things "balanced" by allowing all kinds of counter-comments if you weren't such a censor of those comments which clearly hurt those whom you wish to support.

There is - without a doubt - nothing either fair or balanced about this blog.

There is, by the way, nothing wrong with that. Every politically related blog in this area (and probably most throughout the world) is biased and promotes the blogger's views and opinions. That simply makes for healthy dialogue.

You, however, make a claim which is simply ludicrous and bring ridicule upon yourself.

Why would you want to do that? Simply admit that you are biased and move on. Everyone knows you are, everyone knows your blog is. Your continual claims that you are "fair and balanced" fool no one and do nothing to change the facts.

Anonymous said...

Irma, no one reads your posts.

Anonymous said...

Imre thinks he's Thomas Jefferson. Does he work?

Joe Bubel said...

You know Jeremy, if you ONLY ommitted comments which contained vulgarity, or unfounded accusations as just about all other bloggers in UC, you could say you were fair on comments. But you don't. You ommit comment SOLEY on your disagreements with them, and if you deem them far to damaging to the candidates you support. That is a fact! Can you honestly say you don't do that? Like Irme said, that IS your prerogative. It is your blog! But don't come off as being this fair and ballanced blogmeister.

I wonder if this picture was taken, just after you told Hugh about just how fair and ballanced you are. Judging by the laughter, I think he'd agree with Irme and me.

Why do you think your readers CC their comments to the other blogs here.

10:28, 11:01, give it up. You have nothing but lowbrow remarks directed at others you cannot debate and expect to win. This is obviously a fight or flight response, a very natural reaction. Nothing wrong with it. But you have obviously chosen the latter of the to as your course.

Anonymous said...

Blaber:"Hugh have you ever read one of Imre Beke's diatribes all the way until the end"? Hugh: "WHAAAAAT, what idiot would ever do that"?

Anonymous said...

Imre sounds like a freak'in moron!

Anonymous said...

Joe Bubel thinks he's Morton Downey Jr. Does he work?

Anonymous said...

Hugh has jumped the shark. Ref: Happy Days.

Pundit said...

No Jeremy. You are not fair or balanced.

No matter how many times I tried to post with my analysis of why and how Holley Carnright was going to beat Bradley/Sennett,,, you wouldn't post my comments.

You're blind loyalty to certain parties and your disregard of those you disagree with is pretty unfortunate.

Joe Bubel said...

Does who work? Downey? He's dead dude.

Yea, sure. I sit at the Muddy Cup all day, every day, leeching off their wifi and free water so I can make comments.

What is it with the same old drab question, like "does he work?" "does he have a job?". Seems like cheap shots, huh?

Take a ride down Broadway, and ask that question to everyone you meet with the same snide demeanor I beleive you intend to imply when asking me that question. I would like to see how well it goes, with the people the democratic party attracts by turning Kingston into the welfare capitol of UC.