Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Public Hearing on the UNETHICAL law to Take Place Tonight

The public hearing on the Unethical law, I mean ethics law, will take place tonight at 6:30 at the County Building.

I encourage people to come and speak out on this. The reality is that this law is a way for certain Democrats to take out their frustrations with John Parete by using their positions in county government. And, there is nothing more unethical than that.

I hope that Zimet and co. would just be honest, why not just say, I hate Parete and I want to use this law to get rid of him?

At least Noonan will admit that his caucus is taking advantage of the split in the party. I can respect the Machiavellian approach that they are capitalizing on.


Brittany Turner said...

The repubs aren't Machiavellian; they're strategic.

And the Ethics Law is a necessary improvement to the current ethics standards in Ulster County. I will be there to speak in support of it and encourage future revision to strengthen the law.

Anonymous said...

Buried in committee like Blaber burys comments.