Saturday, September 27, 2008


Len Bernardo the Republican candidate for Ulster County Executive was a no show for a scheduled debate before the U.C. Bar Association last Thursday, just two days after Mike Hein easily won the first debate before a sold out crowd at the UC Chamber of Commerce

Both candidates had confirmed several times to appear and all of a sudden Len Bernardo just does not show up, to discuss the issues. Many people have raised the question that after Bernardo's lackluster performance just two days earlier, that Len is now afraid to compete against Mike Hein.

I don't fault Len at all, Mike Hein, is a tough competitor that proved that he is ready for prime time. The question now is if Len is not ready to debate the issues how can he possibly be ready to lead???


Anonymous said...

Len either forgot or he blew it off on purpose. Either way it shows a lack of respect and poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

Len is toast.

The Eggman..coo-coo-coo-choo

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would he do that. The picture is becomng clear...I'm switching to Mike Hein!!!

Anonymous said...

Blaber all the blogs talking about why Len was a no show is nonsense! I was there and overheard Cahill say on his cellphone to Len, that is not a good enough excuse, we have to come up with something better!

Len either forgot or as Blab put it was running scared

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bernardo had an illness in his family. When are you and Hein just going to get a room?