Monday, September 15, 2008


Anonymous said...

Read Sunday's New York Times for some scathing revelations about Mrs. Palin.

She nominated a former classmate to be the state leader of economic development. The only business experience the guy had for the 90k job was that he once owned a Mailboxes Etc. franchise in Alaska.

Not to mention tried to ban books in the local library.

Joe Bubel said...

ex Governor Spitzer Appointed Patrick Curley to the NY Power Authority. Mr Curley worked in 'banking and finance'. What was he, a teller or maybe a loan officer.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, this is one of the best things you have done . With all of the bad news from Wall Street tanking our 401K's, and having my salary slashed by IBM by 20%( thats right thanks to our Gov. Patterson giving IBM the tax breaks if they dont lay off, IBM removed our AWS as of 2009) and the lose of my pension, and a house on the market for over 2 years, and the cost of living in NY, heating oil , gass,school taxes, central hudson, food, medical,clothes, and not getting STAR because I am a Democrat and the Asseror is a Republican.. This gave me a what I needed, an old fassion belly laugh.
Bob Porter