Monday, September 08, 2008

Tuesday's Primaries --Please Vote

The following are the candidates that I am supporting :

Democratic Committee

* Marbletown, District 2: Marlene D. Carney

***** Marbletown, District 3: Richard Parete, Jenna Knudsen*****

This is a very important primary, both Mr. Parete and Ms. Knudsen are great people with strong ties to Marbletown. Their opponents are political opportunists who instead of going out and campaigning in the area they hope to represent, sued the BOE over their placement on the ballot amongst other things. Please go and support Rich Parete and Jenna Knudsen.

* Marbletown, District 4: Linda Delgado, Judy Hakam.

* Marbletown, District 5: Patricia Garland, Michael Bockelman

* Marbletown, District 7: Patricia Vaughn

Dem Commitee

* Woodstock, District 5: Christopher Collins, Sheila Isenberg,

* Woodstock, District 6: Don Gregorius, Linda Miller-DeGregorius.

*****NYS Assembly 99th GOP, IND, CON, --- ASSEMBLYMAN GREG BALL*****

Assemblyman Ball is in the political fight of his life tomorrow, the guy went in and shook things up and because of that made some enemies on both sides of the aisle. His opponent represents the status quo, as Mayor of Brewster, he let it turn into a dump, and his negative attacks on Ball's service to this Country are over the top. Greg Ball deserves another term in Albany, fighting for us. I am a Democrat supporting Greg Ball because he is a friend and the right person for the job.

NYS ASSEMBLY 102nd Dem Primary ---- Jonathan Smith

NYS ASSEMBLY Working Families 101ST OTB --- Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

NYS Assembly 100th District--- Frank Skartados


Anonymous said...

I too hope people will go out and support Rich Parete and Jenna.

Can you imagine the Schreibman's suing the county becasue of their ballot placements.

waaaaaaaaah, I don't like where I am on the ballot, waaaaaaaaaaah, no one likes me, waaaaaaaaaah. Stop the whining!

Anonymous said...

Let's get the facts straight. Placement on the ballot is by law to be done by drawing lots. This was not done and low and behold, every member of the slate challenging the current Marbletown committee members listed and supported on this blog, were in the preferable positions on the ballot.

The Board of Elections was asked to draw lots rather than go to court, they said there was not enough time. Therefore the suit. The court agreed that the Board of Elections had no followed the law and with plenty of time, lots were drawn today.

All the petitioners wanted was a fair election, nothing more nothing less. I do agree with Jeremy, anonymous bloggers have no credibility.

Mike Harkavy
Saugerties Democratic Committee,Chair

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday Harkavey will learn how to win elections in Saugerties. Ballot placement? Wonder why he can't win.

Anonymous said...

"I do agree with Jeremy, anonymous bloggers have no credibility."

Who gives a flying J about credibility?

What us trolls do, is make you think.
And judging by your banal pablum, Mike, you need to think a little harder and maybe you just might win an election? Of course you won't listen to what we say because we have no credibility.

Uncredible Anonymous Blogger
U.A.B. Troll