Thursday, September 11, 2008

Great Editorial in NP Times

Brittany Turner has a great editorial in the New Paltz Times regarding the bar closure plan being debated in New Paltz. You can read it HERE

Now if she can just see the light on a local county wide race going on in Ulster...


Imre Beke, Jr. said...

You mean Government regulation in our lives is a BAD THING? Why didn't we conservatives think of that?

Oh, wait. We did.

Only, we believe it across the board, not just when the Government interferes with our fun.

Let's be honest. We cannot do without Government. There are things which we cannot do for ourselves but the Government can. Those things, however, are few and far between. Things like defense, law enforcement, courts, prisons, foreign relations, roads and public schools.

That's pretty much the entire list.

Everything else - including deciding when bars should close - can be done by the private sector. That means those things are best left to the private sector because Government is - irrevocably and by nature - an incompetent institution. We have to put up with its incompetence because we have no choice, but pretending that it actually does its job WELL is nothing short of burying our heads in the sand.

Governmental incompetence, by the way, has nothing to do with which Party is in power. It is a systemic and irreparable flaw.

The only time Government regulation and legislation is warranted is when something needs to be done which we cannot do for ourselves.


Brittany Turner said...

haha keep working on it. you've got a lot riding on this one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very well written article Brittany!!

Anonymous said...

...There goes that Imre again!

Anonymous said...

Who the F@%k is Imre Beke and why would anyone give a rats a$$ what he/she thinks. And get a F@%king editor.

You so-called Conservatives talk a big game about government keeping its nose out of things, but then you only borrow money to expand the government and try to regulate things that are none of your mother f@&king g*dd@mned business, like who we should love, what we should say or do with our bodies.

Go sh!t in your hat.

Foul-Mouthed and Sick of YOU

Brittany Turner said...

thanks. while i like some of the individuals behind this effort, they've finally gone too far.

Anonymous said...

Brittany, I believe there are 62 counties in NY.

Brittany Turner said...

You're absolutely right. Typo. Thanks for the correction!

Joe Bubel said...

Hey Foul Mouthed and Sick of You. Who gives a F@ck what you F@cking think about Imre. Who the F@ck are you, to think anyone cares, that you don't f@cking like what Imre writes. What the F@ck is wrong with you? You made yourself f@cking King of what everybody thinks. You're an ass.

Sorry Jeremy, I had to use the same language FMSOU used, to make a point. Even though I think both should be rejected, I hope you post this just to illustrate what a moron FMSOU is. And you must agree, right?

Joe Bubel said...

Hey Jeremy, on this topic of government control... I think I posed you a question some time ago, when you were supporting all the smoking bans being imposed by the government. Remember what I had said? I think it was along the lines of, be careful for what government controls you support Jeremy, for someday, this same government is going to come after a vice or something you enjoy, in the name of safety. You never did answer me.

What makes this silly attempt by Zimmet to force private businesses to close their doors early, and government forcing private businesses to ban smoking. Both issues should be left as a business decision.

Remmeber, smoking bans were started years ago by few screwballs here and there, and eventually made it statewide.

Anonymous said...

Tips are better for pole dancers after 2AM.