Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An Urgent Message From Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

Dear Friends,

Today is Primary Day across New York State. Here in the 101st, there is an unusual vote being held. It's called an "Opportunity to Ballot" primary for the Working Families Party line. Below is a list of folks registered in the WFP in the 101st. Please take a moment to scan the list and see if you know anyone on there. If you do, please give them a quick call and ask that they go to the polls and pull my lever. While we have already been able to reach several WFP voters, your call is different; it's a reminder from friend to friend.

Okay, now here are the details:

I have always been a fighter for Labor. It's a natural thing. No one has to tell me what the "right Labor position" is. I have been gratified by support from organized labor (many unions have already endorsed my candidacy this year) and from the Working Families Party since its inception. This year, once again, the WFP embraced and endorsed my candidacy. Local people, including enrolled members of the WFP carried my petitions and I was designated as the official candidate on the line.

Here is where it gets interesting. Unbeknownst to officials at the WFP, to me and to other careful observers, EMPLOYEES of the Assembly Minority Leader came to town (none of whom live in the 101st), circulated and filed "Opportunity to Ballot" petitions. Just to give you an idea of how stealth this operation was, we talked to several of the people who signed the petitions and they indicated that it was not explained to them that by their signatures, the will of the WFP could be thwarted and that it would put my nomination on that line at risk.

That is why I am asking you today to glance through the list. If you see a friend, a relative, a colleague or a neighbor, please give them a call and tell them how important their vote is today. When they get to the polls, they will see that only my name appears on the line. They will have to pull my lever to make their vote effective. That is the only way their vote will count.

We expect a mere handful of voters to come out today. Every single vote will absolutely count.

Thanks for your time and effort in helping me secure this important ballot line. I am looking forward to great results this November.

Kevin Cahill

PS. My opposition in Albany is serious. Earlier this year, they were successful in manipulating the will of the local Independence Party by depriving me of that designation, even though sufficient petition signatures were filed and carried by local people (their petitions were carried exclusively by paid staffers of Senator John Bonacic….no kidding!)

PPS: Care to help out in the campaign? Please visit my website: http://www.kevincahillny.com . You can volunteer, contribute or just catch up on the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Cahill wins with 92% of the vote. No joke.

Anonymous said...

Robin Yess has about as good a chance as McOld/Pablum does of winning NY.

Kevin can sit this one out. Let the idiot NY GOP waste lost of their $$$ on running negative ads in the desperate hope of recapturing the 101st. Not gonna happen!

D. Demmson
A proud Union Democrat
Just say NO...to Yess

Anonymous said...

I actually had republicans complaining to me that CAHILL wasted county and town money on this primary!

When robin decided to do an opportunity to ballot, she was obligated to follow up and get WFP voters out to the polls. She never made ONE phone call to do so.

If that's how she takes care of taxpayer money, then good riddance to bad rubbish.