Monday, September 15, 2008

Sole Indictment In Ulster Jail Probe Dropped

Justice was not served.

I could write a long post about how Sleight's indictment was a joke. How this investigation was mishandled by the DA's office from day one but we all know that and have heard that for over a year now. I think the above statement says it all and should not be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

This is why we need Mike Hein as County Executive.

He will bring accountability to taxpayers. In fact, he has already done that by restructuring six county offices, developing the cost-saving department of environment, cut county health care costs, delivered the first administrator's budget to cut spending, assembled the home heating summit (now a regional model) and most importantly revamped the county contracting process.

He cannot be painted as a good old boy or insider. He has delivered more innovation in the last two years than has been created in Ulster County in the last twenty. This is a direct quote from a regional newspaper.

Since when have we even seen this type of action and leadership in Ulster County?

Anonymous said...

Nice job by Donny Williams and the Good Old Boys - spend thousands on make believe hearings, trials, etc... things came out just like you planned it.

The KoolAid Factor said...

am I the only one who remembers what Hein's position was during the jail fiasco?

Anonymous said...


I understand that your cheerleading glands are secreting massive quantities of pro-Democrat swill with the endgame of these political "races" finally in coming into view, so it's okay if you want to fill this blog up with 'see this is why we need to elect...' & fundraising info.
After a slow week, finally something happens and you're unwilling or unable to come to grips with it? Man up! There are precious view opinion voices who are paying attention, and despite your shameless pandering, you are one of them! Put this into context! Recap it for the vast majority of people who have a vague understanding that the jail was a fiasco of some kind, but have failed to keep up on this decidedly unsexy story.
Do your job!

Anonymous said...

Schriebman, a weak, attorney working for the County, was the Attorney that got the indictment. Not enough evidence, Sleight was off the hook without even a penalty. Schriebman is a joke and he wants to lead the Co. Dem's! Is he kidding?? We would be the laughing stock of the county.

Anonymous said...

Come on. The Republican DA did not start the investigation until after the UC Legislature presented their findings. What was he waiting for? Jon Sennett was absolutely correct that the DA should have immediately intitated his own investigation.

Schriebman was not to blame, the judge discounted the indictment based on the statute of limitations, not Schriebman's work.

Anonymous said...

5:40 - Schriebman should have know about the statute of limitations.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Donny "Good Old Boy" Williams!

Anonymous said...

Who cares!!!! Government screwed
up the project what a shock. They were late and over budget on the first jail too. And the pearson house, Social Services, City Hall. And if we had let the School Board build a new highschool that would have been screwed up too. Are we seeing the pattern yet people.


Anonymous said...

julian has a history of presenting cases and getting them tossed due to a lack of evidence. Remember the professor in New Paltz, the group accused of gang assualt and now the jail case.