Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 Football Picks

Blaber 10-15 season 23-31
Auerbach 9-15 season 22-31
Parete 7-15 season 16-31

Starting Next Week Jeanette Provanzano will join us in our picks

Oakland at Kansas City - Auerbach : KANSAS Blaber: Kansas City Parete : KC

NY Giants at St. LouisAuerbach GIANTS Blaber GIANTS Parete GIANTS

Indianapolis at Minnesota- Auerbach COLTS Blaber Colts Parete Minn

Tennessee at Cincinnati Auerbach TITANS Blaber Cincy Parete Cincy

Green Bay at Detroit - Auerbach PACKERS Blaber Packers Parete Packers

New Orleans at Washington -Auerbach NO Blaber Washington Parete Washington

Chicago at Carolina - Auerbach CAROLINA Blaber Chicago Parete Chicago

Buffalo at Jacksonville -Auerbach JAX Blaber Buffalo Parete Jax

San Francisco at Seattle- Auerbach SEATTLE Blaber Seattle Parete Seattle

Miami at Arizona-Auerbach CARDS Blaber Arizona Parete Arizona

San Diego at DenverAuerbach SAN DIEGO Blaber Denver Parete San Diego

Atlanta at Tampa Bay-Auerbach BUCS Blaber Tampa Bay Parete Tampa Bay

New England at NY JetsAuerbach J-E-T-S Blaber NE Parete NE

Pittsburgh at Cleveland- Auerbach STEELERS Blaber Steelers Parete Steelers

Philadelphia at DallasAuerbach COWBOYS Blaber Dallas Parete Dallas


Anonymous said...

There is a presidential election, countywide elections and each assembly and senate seat in the state and this is all you have to talk about?

Forgetaboutit said...

4:32 - Lighten up. this is but one of many posts Jeremy offers.