Thursday, March 06, 2008

Assemblyman Molinaro on Blaber Show Tonight!

Assemblyman Marc Molinaro will be on my show tonight at 8:30pm. Assemblyman Molinaro will be talking about state issues and some of the issue that are going on in the Assembly. Make sure to call and tune in to what should be a great show!!!


Anonymous said...


you put a lot of work into your show and i respect that. what i dont respect is that you dont respect the the viwers enough to fix the audio and camera problems.

we need to see and hear what you and your guest(s) have to say.

this is the problem with public access. we just gave kpa $5k and the producers dont even know how to treat the equipment. all they care about is getting on tv regardless of what it sounds or looks like. you and all the other producers need to get into the studio early and make sure everything is operational before you go on air. thanks. -avid viewer

Jeremy Blaber said...

Thank you sir,

There were some issues with the sound and picture when I arrived at the studio and I worked hard to fix them. In the end, I had to deal with what I was dealt...the equipment is old and I had a guest that came down from they say the show must go on!