Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ruggiero Lands State Job

Joe Ruggiero former Supervisor of the Town of Wappinger's and current Democratic Chairman of Dutchess County,has decided not to seek reelection as chair. Mr. Ruggiero announced that he will instead be accepting a job in state government. The position will be made public in a few days. Mr. Ruggiero came very close to becoming County Executive last year, narrowly losing to Republican Bill Steinhouse.

I have always been thoroughly impressed with Mr. Ruggiero and I'm confident that he will do well in his new role in state government, whatever that role may be. More details as they develop.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Zimitt can be his assistant.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who watched "Meet the Leaders" on Cable 6 woud have seen that Steinhaus is/was by far the better choice to lead Dutchess County.