Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Valley Chat w/ Alderman Mike Madsen

Alderman Madsen with Tom Hoffay on his new show Valley Chat. The show went great, Hoffay, lived up to his reputation as the smartest person that I know!

photo from Ulster County Politics


Anonymous said...

Great show, great guest, great technical support. What public access was meant to be. Thanks...smitty

Anonymous said...

How come it looks like Tom Hoffay is sitting in a kiddie chair?

Anonymous said...

Hi mike, I could'nt hear what you were saying to us on tv because your head alway's turned to the guest you had on. Maybe next time have the guest sit next to you.

Anonymous said...

...maybe next time have the guest at the same level rather than looking down on him....

Anonymous said...

Yea, like the show the BIG COMPHY COUCH. Lol, Lol.

Mike Madsen said...

The couch will be up on blocks next time. it was too low.

The intent of using the opposite side of the studio is to allow two shows to air back-to-back without delay.

In time, I will work out the logistics.

CB Love Child #1 said...

Yo Mike,

When are you going to invite us on
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Give us a hollar Mike 'E' Love

CB Love Child #1

Anonymous said...

Hoffay is the smartest person you know? You must not know too many people.

Anonymous said...

Oh no he's not. He's another one of the mayor's puppets.

Anonymous said...

Watch Family Guy

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