Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Senator Bonacic talks with Blaber News About Spitzer Scandal

I just got off the phone with Senator John Bonacic and we had a very insightful conversation about the current state of affairs surrounding the Spitzer scandal. I thank Senator Bonacic for taking time to speak with me.

Senator Bonacic referred to the Spitzer situation that today is a sad day for New York State and said it couldn't of happened at a worse time. "It's not a Democratic or Republican issue said Bonacic, we're in the middle of a budget cycle and state government has to continue to move forward." Senator Bonacic expressed his sorrow for the Governor's family, I know Silda and have met his children and I had a great relationship with them.

Senator Bonacic also talked about possible criminal charges the Governor may face. "As a former prosecutor, I know the law and I know what Governor Spitzer is facing, they have him on wiretaps and he has admitted wrong doing. By transporting this woman across state lines he violated the Mann act, which is a felony. I would think right now Governor Spitzer is trying to work out a plea bargain to keep his law license said Bonacic."

While Senator Bonacic was quick to point out the many enemies that Spitzer has made over the years by being what he called a "lightning bolt", he did not feel that the Governor was targeted in any way.

Senator Bonacic feels that the Governor should resign his position. "I just do not see a scenario where Governor Spitzer could continue to lead."

Under Senate rules, if Gov. Spitzer resigns Lt. Governor David Patterson would automatically be elevated to Governor and the Lt. Governor's seat would remain vacant. Joe Bruno, the Majority Leader of the senate will become acting Lt. Governor.

Senator Bonacic described the relationship with Lt. Governor David Patterson and the GOP controlled Senate as cordial and thought that the tone of the government would improve under a Governor David Patterson.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone think this guy should stay in office. He is now powerless and has no credibility. He was obviously a comlete fraud. He spoke a great game but in the end he shamed the office and his family. He can be nothing but a distraction from here on out and should just disappear. Bonacic is right. This is not Republican or Democrat...he has now proven himself to be the biggest hypocrit going and nothing will get done with him in office and we cannot afford that.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sen. Bonacic wasting his time talking to you?

Anonymous said...

"Corruption is never an individual act. It always involves groups of people bound by one fundamental rule of association: an exchange of favors. This collective corruption is founded on traditional morality, well-established friendships and the opportunity at hand. It allows crimes to be practiced with impunity and is characterized by an intolerable arrogance."

Roberto Da Matta; "Is Brazil [ahem] Hopelessly Corrupt?"; "New York Times"; 12/13/1993.

Anonymous said...

So riddle me this.

When (not if) Spitzer resigns, Patterson becomes governor. What then? Bruno becomes lieutenant governor by operation of NYS constitution. Does he have to resign from his Senate seat to become Lt.?

Then who fills his seat and what happens next? Does it tip the balance of power in the legislature? Can he turn down Lt. governor to protect the majority in the legislature? Could be quite interesting.

By the way, still a little shocked that you do not believe he should resign.

As to the future Gov. Patterson, he will be untouchable. A democratic, black, blind, incumbent governor from one of the most politically experienced and organized families of Harlem.

Andrew Cuomo's worst nightmare.

Jeremy Blaber said...

From my conversation with Senator Bonacic, Bruno would NOT have to resign his Senate seat.

However, an interesting twist people may not remember is that last year a bill was brought forth to the state legislature that is actually co-sponsored by our own Assemblyman Cahill, that would give power to the Governor to appoint a Lt. Governor in this type of situation. That candidate would have to be approved by the legislature.

When this was presented it kind of was put on the back burner because it was not an issue. We could very well see this re-introduced.

Anonymous said...

"...the most Politically experienced and organized family in Harlem". That's the achilles heel right there. With experience and organization, comes baggage.

BeenThereDoneThat said...

To answer Jeremy and Anonymous 10:41's post concerning ascendancy to a vacant Lt. Governor's office. In 1983, Lt. Gov. Alfred Delbello resigned from his post as Lt. Governor in the Cuomo administration for a job in private employment.State Senator Warren Anderson(R-BINGHAMTON) became acting Lt. Governor while retaining his position as Republican majority leader and state senator from Binghamton. In other words, the senate majority leader does not assume the office, but acts in a dual capacity as [acting] Lt. Governor and state senator. Unless the state constitution changes, it will be this way until the next gubernatorial election in 2010.

Anonymous said...

For bonacic to stand in judgement of anyone is a joke. He is the most misogynic dolt in the state legislature, and tries to hit on every woman he meets. Ask anyone who has ever met him. Go away john, nobody cares what a snake like you thinks.

For the rest of you clowns jumping on the bandwagon, "Let he among you who is without sin, cast the first stone."

Anonymous said...

They can reintroduce it all they want. There is no way that the Republicans will let it be enacted retroactively.

Anonymous said...

If only you could have gotten Bonacic to go blue. You'd be getting a dem lt gov. Guess there won't be any red carpets rolled out.

Anonymous said...

7:42 Pretty strong words from someone hiding behind the name anonymous. Also pretty assinine calling some else misogynic after Spitzer has spent $80,000 over the last 8 months on high class ho-fessionals. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Finally, I am not without sin but I ain't on no wiretap either. Spitzer took no pity on those he prosecuted while attorney general and for that reason he should not cry wolf now.

Brittany Turner said...

3:42... ho-fessionals? So unbelievably tacky.

Anonymous said...

Not nearly as tacky as having to explain to your wife and children why you spent $4,300 for an hour in a Washington hotel.

Anonymous said...

Paying for sex is not mysoginic...a bit desperate perhaps but not mysogynic.

And Spitzer hasn't cried wolf. He took responsibilty, apologized to the public, resigned, and is now trying to make things right with his family, out of the public eye.

I'm pretty disappointed, but he's still not the slime most of our repugnican representatives are.

By the way, thanks for not being stupid enough to try refuting the fact that bonacic is a snake.