Monday, March 17, 2008

Blaber Announces Priorities for School Board

* Student Safety - Every student deserves to learn in a safe and friendly environment. Now more than ever we must focus on making all of our school a safe place to learn. The safety of every student in the district will be a top priority.

* Advanced Civics Program - An advanced high school civics program will give students a look at their local government first hand. Students will work directly with their local officials on a county, city or town level. I also would like to have students involved with their school board.

* Property Tax Reform- Too many hard working families can't afford the way schools are funded through property taxes. Many seniors are property-rich and income-poor. Taxpayers are being taxed out of their homes where they have lived their entire lives, and raised their families. As your school board Representative I will fight tirelessly to find alternative ways to fund public education.

* Closing the Kingston High School- To insure the safety of all students we must do away with the open high school campus on Broadway. When elected I will work with Superintendent Gretzinger to work out a way to make it a closed campus. The concerns for local business owners must be addressed as well. I will give invite restaurateurs access to the cafeteria in the high school to sell lunch on premises.

* The Carnegie Library - I am pleased to hear that the district is finally in the process of restoring this great building. I will take an active role in its restoration. We all know what can happen when a building is restored- Kingston City Hall is prime example of this. We also know what can happen to buildings we just throw away, like the old Central post office. I will NOT let what happened to the old Central post office happen to the Carnegie library.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Thank you for the invite to your fundraiser. We can't make it do to a prior committment (and a personal shortage of funds :)--- but we wish you all the best.

Nancy and Bob Smith

Anonymous said...

Invite local business to sell lunch on campus. How will that work? You cannot just invite local businesses to sell things on school property. So now are we going to be bidding out our schools food service to the pizza place across the street.