Monday, March 17, 2008


Today we begin the Patterson administration. Governor Spitzer's tenure ends disappointingly to say the least, a man elected with a mandate to clean up Albany is taken down by a scandal he could not overcome. To be fair, putting the prostitution thing aside, Eliot was doomed on day one, the poor guy never stood a chance. Albany insiders including members of his own party fought him tooth and nail on every bit of the end the dirty politics of Albany were no match even for the f'ing steamroller. Albany chewed him up and spit him out after only a year in office.

Governor Paterson will have a different approach, he knows how the game is played and is a veteran of the system. Not to say he won't be a reformer, I just think that he knows how to approach reform in a more diplomatic way.

One thing to look forward under Paterson is that he will mover New York in a more progressive manner. Patterson's predecessor was a moderate Democrat that even supported things that were directly against Democratic values such as the death penalty.

Governor Paterson is :

* Pro- Choice

* Against the Death Penalty

* Favors Universal single payer Health Care

* Equal Rights for Same Sex Couples

* Everyone living in NY having the right to vote

* Opposed the Iraq War

I look forward to the Paterson administration and hope that members of the legislature will work with our Governor and that are new Governor will work with the legislature. Governor Paterson is now the leader of New York state and will be looked upon to move business forward and to start the healing process. I wish him the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

He's also for..

*Lifetime Welfare benefits for all minorities.

*Taxing Whites heavily.

*Turning upstate NY into North-West Virginia.

*Enslaving Whites.

*Outlawing Country Music.

God God, Blaber

Anonymous said...

Never stood a chance? Where are you coming from. This guy went in with the arrogant take no prisoners approach he was known for and it bit him. He created the problems he encountered up there. He not only alienated the Republicans but his own party as well and did signifcant damage to the state as a result. Good riddence. Patterson cannot be worse so it is only up from here.

BeenThereDoneThat said...

you're missing the point, JB
The man was a hypocrite, pure and simple. You can't set a double standard as a reform candidate, then personally act in an illegal, immoral venture. Arrogant? That he was. But then again, we have plenty of these types holding elected office in Ulster County right now. Sooner or later, they too will be caught and dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Everyone living in NY the right to vote? Does that include non-citizens? Illegal aliens? How about drivers licences?

Please tell me he's not an Amnesty Proponent! We just learned this lesson the hard way.

I pray he's smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer created his own hell, stop excusing him.

Anonymous said...

Iyi. Let's NOT make this a white versus black issue. That is an old devisive political bugaboo designed (I believe) to take the focus off the REAL issue - which is massive wealth (generally, but not always associated with White males) --- versus poverty --- (which comes in ALL colors).

Martin Luther King Jr. was "onto this" factor - and seeking (amongst other things) ecomomic justice for all...

Which is where the pudding (versus blackbirds...) hits the pie tin and something that has to potential to meet the needs of everyone "might" be developed!

BTW, I'd like to know where poster number one (3:10 AM) got his information from?

A lot can be said on here, but it is always good if one can back one's words up (at least to some degree) with FACTS.



Anonymous said...

3:10 AM - OMG! yankee james is alive!

Anonymous said...

Listen to Obama's Preecher-man.


Our aversion to them is not that subversives like Obama and Patterson are black. No sir! It's the fact that they represent the majority of black philosophy in America today. I would have no problem at all supporting Condi Rice or even a more liberal Colin Powell for President, or someone like Roy Innis for Statewide office.

We must not be ashamed, by the politically correct into denial to the facts, nor should we fall into the pit of hate that so many of our forefathers did to set the table for the disaster we are about to embark upon.

Speak the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Obama's speech, publisized yesterday, was a masterpiece...

My husband and I --- both (predominantly) White (I have some Native American Indian blood) --- one Catholic and one Agnostic / Humanist --- both had tears in our eyes or slipping down our cheeks while listening to Obama's words.

It is time folks. It is time to put away the old biases - by dealing with them (outright) as adults...

It is time folks. It is time to admit and apologize for the atrocities associated with American history - and to come together - brainstorm - work together for the benefit of ALL.

I was young during the Kennedy / Martin Luther King era...

But I feel - after hearing Obamas courage, wisdom and fortitude yesterday - that I have experienced something as awesome, something as hopeful as that which apparently crossed our paths - only to be left by the roadside - many years ago.

So please, if you didn't see / listen to the speech that Obama made yesterday --- look it up --- check it out.

This man isn't "after" Whites. He is for peace, love, equality and justice across the board... he is for the people... & he is a man to be (seriously) admired.

"Could" he turn on us? Maybe.

But those of our own race have turned on us (particularly poor Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Women, and Homosexuals) over the last decade or so (as reflected in national and international policies that do NOT serve the "common good") - so why not join up with someone that seems to have a brain - think for himself - and might even have (this appears to be the case) A CONSCIENCE?