Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cuomo's Public Integrity Unit A Breath of Fresh Air

While the last two days have focused on a sad and disappointing day for New York State, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about a new public integrity initiative started by our new rising star in state government, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Project Sunlight is an effort by Andy Cumo's office to promote your right to know and to monitor governmental decision-making. This website - the first of its kind in New York - allows you to easily access statewide government information that until now has been scattered and difficult to retrieve.

The website includes information on all of your state representatives, registered lobbyists, and a detailed member item map. This is a great step forward in transparency for New York state government. Attorney General Cuomo has consistently stepped up to the plate for the benefit of NYers since taking office a little over a year ago.

View Website here ------> Project Sunlight


Anonymous said...

Cuomo for Governor...Sennett for AG!

Anonymous said...

One question. Is this Project Sunlight going to let the light in on our other elected officials who have a prostitution addiction or other illegal vices?

Anonymous said...

You are doing you blog a disservice by not talking about the Spitzer issue more. We all know you support what. This will have huge ramifications for the democratic party in NYS and should be a topic of a democratic blog.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cuomo is a blatant opportunist. He should, as did Kevin Cahill publicly support David Paterson, our new Governor. My guess is that Cuomo is salivating for the opportunity to primary Paterson should he seek to run for a second term.

Anonymous said...

Watch when Cuomo runs against Paterson in a few years. Look what he tried to do to McCall. This guy is bad news.