Monday, March 24, 2008

Patterson Looks to Move Forward

Governor David Paterson gets a warm welcome in Harlem this past Friday and pushes the need to move forward after a rocky first week.

Governor Paterson was joined by Thompson, former Mayor Ed Koch, Bronx Borough President Adolfo CarriĆ³n and Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi at the Rev. Al Sharpton's Lenox Ave. headquarters.


Anonymous said...

Why at Rev. Sharpton's headquarters?

When is enough too much?

Never I guess.

"So be it."

I guess I suffer from the "wish in one hand, sh%# in the other, and see which hand piles up first" syndrome.


And smelly too.

Anonymous said...

Move forward. This guy is obviously a crook. He clearly is either lacking in integrity or has some of the dumbest people working for him we have yet to see. Based on the small amount they have uncovered so far we may be in for a long long ride with him.

Anonymous said...

"Ah slept wid 100 wimmens and hab dee HIB Birus." --Earl "Magic" Johnson

"I slept with a few other women and so did my wife--uh, I mean my wife slept with another man or two--but neither of us paid a prostitution ring for the privilege. Look at the success Bill Clinton was and is still seen to be!! I'm David Paterson, and I'm the Governor of New York!!"--David Paterson, hypothetically

Anonymous said...

My advise to everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - go sign up as "BORN AGAIN" - put on ALL of your official documents - BUY yourself a MAIL ORDER MINISTRY - file your PROPERTY as TAX-EXEMPT - and DISEMPOWER these folks - some of whom are apparently getting where they are by DOING JUST THAT!

P.S. Don't forget to learn the secret code words and handshakes!!!

Anonymous said...

difference between Clinton and Patterson is that the rent on the White House was already paid. Seems like Patterson has to get a hotel room on his campaign or the state each time he wants a little nookie.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm not resorting to low brow personal attacks, but this man is borderline coyote ugly. He MUST have paid for sex, or the other women are blind too.

Anonymous said...

Man, Blaber is quick to jump ship. He passively dismisses Spitzer, as if Jeremy only mildly supported him. Spitzer was a party rising star, and Jeremy now claims he was not in line with democrat 'values'? What a laugh.

On top of the callgirlgate, it is apparently true Spitzer was DIRECTLY INVOLVED with attempts to destroy Bruno using State Police and other taxpayer funded agencies? Wow!

Anonymous said...

it looks more like a waiting room in a Harlem brothel what with those red chairs.

Anonymous said...

Paterson looks to move forward? He can't even see - I don't think he's looking!