Saturday, March 01, 2008

Noonan Calls For County Hiring Freeze

Citing the proposed state budget and economic indicators that signal a slowdown in consumer spending, Republicans in the county Legislature are calling for a hiring freeze that would leave vacant county positions open unless they are mandated by state or federal law.

A resolution proposed by Minority Leader Glenn Noonan and the GOP caucus also says any mandated positions that need to be filled should come before the Legislature a month ahead of time.

Maybe Noonan and his caucus should of thought of these great money saving ideas when they were in the majority, proposing 39% tax hikes and spending millions of dollars on frivolous things like a new jail.

This resolution is nothing more then political grandstanding. The GOP should stop with their posturing, Noonan can run for County Executive on his own time.


Anonymous said...

Mike Hein for County Executive!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Jeremy - after years of Republicans giving their family and friends jobs at overinflated private sector salaries ($65K for clerks?), the jail fiasco, the "temporary" sales tax increase, and the double-digit tax increases, now Glen Noonan is concerned about the county's budget. This is so that the GOP can try to point fingers at the Democrats that Ulster County is struggling financially. The GOP allowed this county to go down the toilet by doing nothing to attract business or industry to boost the economy, and suddenly they realize that that's why they're in the minority. They screwed up this county for the past 30 years, and now they want another chance to continue their destruction. They don't ever deserve a second chance. Why anyone would ever vote for a Republican legislator is beyond me - they're worthless.

James E. Quigley 3rd said...

So shoot the messenger because he is politically ambitious.

The State of New York (The “Steamroller” Governor, Assembly and Senate to varying degrees admit the State has an economic problem). The Mayor of the City of New York admits they have an economic problem. The Kingston Freeman cites evidence of an economic problem in neighboring Dutchess County because of a fall off in Sales Tax Revenue and Mortgage Taxes. And what do we have here in Ulster County?


Except for someone who happens to want to run against Mike Hein for County Exec.

Let’s not shoot the messenger because he wants to challenge Hein. Let’s debate the economic issues.

The National, State and Local economies are going in the tank. Yes we can asses blame to the cows come home.

Address the issues! Ulster County Taxpayers deserve that much from their PAID representatives.

Maybe Political Grandstanding is what is need to focus the debate!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who puts this idea forward it needs to happen. There is way too much dead wood and overspending. Right now it is more important that we curtail this spending then blame people for how we got in the miserable situation we are in right now. As someone running for school board I would hope you would take the high road in recognizing that regardless of what you think of Mr. Noonan this freeze needs to happen.

Anonymous said...

Silance? LOL... Exactly why we don't need more republicans.

Silence maybe something you should think about Quigley.

Anonymous said...

We can blame the Dems and Reps, but the bottom line is the bottom line, and each Ulster County taxpayer suffers. For years, Joan Every and Alice Tipp, both very nice women, would be automatic shoo-ins for re-election, because they ran in heavily Republican areas. Neither one of them, again very nice ladies, had a clue what they were doing, and simply checked with the chairman to see how they were to vote. They both collected salaries, not much, but were entitled to nice health benefits for very little, or in the case of Every, no work. Mrs. Tipp even got her son a nice job working for the county. I am not saying he isn't a nice guy, and that he doesn't work hard, but he got the job because of Mom. The man who would have been the highway boss collected hours upon hours of OT, for hours he wasn't there. As a matter of fact, he built and repaired houses with a city worker on company time, his for the county, and the other for the city, as "private contractors." This is the kind of policy that must stop. This county cannot afford it, and the taxpayers can't afford it. It's bad enough there are too few good paying jobs, and that services continue to get cut, but when stealing also goes on, nothing gets done. I don't care if it's a Dem or Rep, lets examine these policies, lets stop giving the jobs to our relatives. Do you think anywhere in the private sector, a sister (county clerk) would be allowed to be the supervisor of her sister, deciding on her job performance, her salary increases etc? Why is this acceptable in the county? How can can any degree of ethics allow this to happen, yet we do?

Anonymous said...

If Quigley is an example of what is running the County republican party, they are in trouble. SPELL CHECK anyone?

Now that the Democrats are in charge after 25 years of republican neglect, nepotism, and corrupted government, we should just forget that and move forward. In your dreams Quigley. The republicans own this. The Democrats will clean it up. It will take some time, but you will see a more efficient, controlled, answerable government. No thanks to the republicans.

Glenn Noonan said...

whats its going to take 25 years of the Dems for the blame to stop so we are all even. the people of ulster County deserve a working Goverment. None of my family works for the county. Right now nthe administrators campaign manager travels 350 miles in a county car for personal use. So lets stop there is plenty of blame to go round. Lets all start thinking of the people of Ulster. This is a starting point lets move and show everyone that we the legislature is going to work for all the people of the county from here on in not just for self serving agendas and there are plenty on BOTH sides of the aisle

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments of "James e. Quigley 3rd" and glenn noonan, I think the republicans should take some of the thousands they have in the bank(s) and send their spokespersons back to school.

One spells phonetically and the other can not construct a comprehensible sentence.

It will take the Democrats 25 years to figure what the Hell they are saying.

Anonymous said...

When I wrote my English papers I was taught to write, edit and rewrite. Along the way checking grammar, spelling and punctuation. What the heck were these Republicans taught? It is very hard to take someone seriously when you have to decipher their writings as you try to read and understand what they are trying to get across to the reader.
We already know how bad their MATH is!!!

Anonymous said...

I will tell you one thing, and that is if the first County Executive in Ulster County fails to set a nonpartisan, tackle-the-efficiency issue example, the value of the job is diminished in that sense.
So far I do not see anyone running striking the correct tone or balance in what is responsible and needed in that position.

James E. Quigley 3rd said...

I can see that this Election Cycle is going to get very personal. Forget the issues, just attack the individuals involve.

So let's start with the issues:


One of the reasons I was against the Charter in 2005 was because the Legislature refused to establish a structure for each office and provide a cost estimate for each office prior to the Voters passing judgment.

Here we are two years later and the Citizens of Ulster County (as well as any candidates contemplating running for the offices involved) have no idea on the staffing of each office and the respective costs. So here is my best guess. $1.75 million for this new form of government that is to bring about efficient and controlled government.

As to answerable government. Why don't the Voters of Ulster County have this answer?

The opinions expressed are from an individual concerned about the future of Ulster County and not the County Republican Party. The ability to debate issues openly and without fear of personal recrimination is a basic building block of Democracy.

If you want to get personal at least sign your name.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Quigley has a point the current Adminiistrator recently hired a person to work on the charter(a conflict) Currently we do not know the salary or staff (tools) the executive or comptroller will have to work with. Mr Hein working with one secretary for $20,000. Put the position out there for people to know the comptroller gets xxx and hasxx to work with as well as the executive maybe then you will get real candidates not some dictator who controlls the job to avaoid competition before the race begins. Whats he afraid of a Democrat? Jeremmy you should know its coming anyway

BeenThereDoneThat said...

I can only imagine the backroom deals and political promises made in this election cycle. After all, on January 1, 2009, the office of county executive controls the way county goverment functions with lots of political plums (jobs) to dole out. Then again, whoever or whatever party wins will break or deny their committments in the name of political expediency.So the cycle of political prostitution in Ulster County will never end.

Anonymous said...

I guess you hired a proof reader huh Jeremy?

Anonymous said...

1:17 - I hope that was Noonan again or there is another republican who has trouble with their communication skills. This is really becoming comical. Is there not one republican who can post a coherent thought on a blog?

Anonymous said...

Lots of important, yet conflicting ideas written on this important hiring freeze commentary. The bottom line is that history is history while a bridge to the future should discuss the past and make certain that tax payer wasted dollars are not a continued occurrence. Business as usual is no longer a viable Ulster County option. Economic prosperity is not around the corner. Our nation is mired in an economic regression. Our county is treading water and grasping for breath. Economic growth for the country is now considered our basic problem. National polls declare that the war is no longer the primary issue. National security is depleting the country of its rich heritage and future. The county is in deep mud. Without economic policies that will force it forward, we too can watch our future blend into the same environment of stagnation and recession. It is too late to scream and yell and disable the policies of those leaders of the past.
We need leadership that comprehends basic economics. Small business has been the backbone of our nation. It is time for those vying for leadership positions to step forward. My personal endorsement would be for Mike Hein as our first County Executive. His major goals will be to bring the county forward so that previous administrative fiscal errors are a thing of the past. Accountability and Responsibility. As to Noonan's posturing for County Exec, why not? If we can have Presidential debates that go on and on why not a County Executive debate that starts here in March.
just my three cents
Shelly Zimbler

PS- Cancer is cureable, when detected early. Go visit your doctor- and remember Relay for Life- May 31, 2008- Dietz Stadium- noon

Anonymous said...

Make believe hiring freezes - Republicans and Democrats alike -years and years - Quigley or Berardi can represnt only the taxpayers - they don't need to make friends but are just happy to serve their community - check their records.

Anonymous said...

Quigley is not exactly correct on at least one point, and that is there is no need to establish staffing for the County Executive as someone with some sense and real adherence to serving the county would hire exactly what he needed, no more no less for the office. And if the cost is $1.75 million, I would think that would be an indication this is ridiculous from the getgo, but let's not be quite as cynical(yet) as Mr. Q evidently is on each and every point--I doubt even George W. would be THAT stupid!
One idea that scarcely anyone has tried before and would be new is to open up all positions in county government more to those who have not served in county government before. Right now the county is almost like Judaism, the ones who are in are just transferred around and no outsiders are allowed in except those who are clearly crazy about breaking the steel barrier. That is essentially what Hein is, and although that doesn't necessarily make him incompetent the public should consider someone else who does not have such coattails.
Again, the first man in this job is going to be the one to set the tone, and so of all future elections for county exec, the first one will surely be the most important.
I personally have heard those go gaga over Berardi and so forth but since I went to school with him I am less enchanted with him than those who evidently know nothing about him. I do not know who Quigley is however I do tend to be suspicious of folks whose names end in Roman numerals.
If the public has the chance to elect an outsider with no political debts to pay for this job, it should do so. That's all I have to say for now--and no plans to make plans--yet. LOL

Anonymous said...

Talk about Dems running the show, look at the IDA. What has the IDA done over the last two years, nothing! Even, Dem operative Sheldon Zimbler, has said that the IDA has done nothing for the last two years.

Now Mike Berardi is in charge - a do nothing former town of Ulster county Legislator who knew he would get beat last fall.

What has he done for Kosco - is own employer - to keep them local? He could not even keep them in the City of Kingston. He let Jim Sottile run them out of the Strand. Now I hear from sources, close, that Kosco is going to be leaving Port Ewen too.

James E. Quigley 3rd said...

Please read my post again.

As I said "So here is my best guess. $1.75 million"

Has anyone ever been to an auction? There is always an opening bid. It can up or down from there.

My "best guess" was designed to spur a debate. A debate that did not take place in 2005 and has not been mentioned since. I would hope that the "Powers at be", who are in charge of this, would publish the facts for each office so we can move on to other issues.

As to the Roman numeral after my name. That is how I was baptized and I am proud of it. To 3:37: if you would like to discuss it please email Jeremy for my telephone number. I am open to all to have a civil discussion, on my ideas and yours.

Anonymous said...

Zimbler is no Dem operative. He may call himself a Dem, but he sure don't act like one! I wouldn't trust him.
Anyone that talks as much as he does, should not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

To 337:
The county is like Judaism . . .
What the hell are you talking about?
I thought yankee jim hung himself . . .

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mike Berardi can determine what the Motzkin family decides to do with their property or business. It isn't Berardi fuel and gas.

If I am not mistaken, Kosco has not used the tanks and other facilities in Kingston in years. Why not sell it?

Anonymous said...

Alvin Toffler: "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn".

Sure we need to rethink the size of the county government workforce.

Glenn Noonan is a very conservative guy, and he might even be correct to attempt to trim the size of county government, but did he ever call for a hiring freeze during the years of GOP leadership? That would have been courageous leadership rather than the mere political grandstanding he does now.

Now-a-days, Republicans have zero credibility on matters of fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh ok...I am now like Yankee Jim because of my analogy of the county with another closed system of Judaism? In the remote case this "inquiry" is genuine...
It is rather simple. Very few outsiders can break into the county because those already in are simply shuffled around. Just that simple. Read a civil service announcment for a county job and the point becomes clear. Read what Judaism says about those wishing to convert thereto from a Goyishm or whatnot. Very restrictive in practice, very closed.
I really didn't mean that if you work for the county you are required a wear a Yarmacl or something. LOL

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I do not feel the need to have a discussion about your baptism or whatever else you feel meritorious about yourself Mr. Quigley the third.
Opening a debate with a figure of $1.75 Million is like suing for damages of %4 for that amount--it is silly, stupid, overblown and pathetic and the court would disallow it from the getgo. So much for a debate. No, this is not a court but let's get slightly more reasonable here.
If you wish to debate the $1.75 million figure, then please tell us Mr. Quigley how many employees is this figure based on, are they part time or full time, and what do you envision their functions to be? In other words, the ball is in your court Mr. Quigley--please open the discussion, but try to make it based on something reasonable and reasoned, otherwise it becomes no real discussion and no real debate.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to read in today's paper that the Democrats did the right thing and voted this down. He was just grandstanding.

Noonan was trying to be cute and promote his own ambitions to run for County Executive.